Picture this scene: flip-flops are laying by the front door. Tennis rackets are leaning against the couch. There is a tube of sunscreen left on the kitchen table. You can’t find your sunglasses anywhere, even though you last remember seeing them next to your car keys.

Sound familiar? It is not an easy task to keep your home organized for the summer, as this season is notorious for bringing remnants of the outdoors inside. The following are tips and tricks to control the indoor/outdoor living flow and keep your home tidy this season!

1. Create a grab-and-go station by the front door.

Is your family constantly running in and out of the house this summer? Baskets and hooks placed by your front door provide a grab-and-go solution for storing your hats, sunscreen, and flip-flops. No more quick trips back into the house looking for your beach bag and sunglasses—everything can be stylishly stored in your entryway!

2. Designate storage for outdoor toys.

Without proper storage, outdoor playthings such as pool toys, sand pails, and soccer balls can make their way into your home. These items often harbor dirt and sand while easily being mixed up and stored with clean indoor toys. This will also prevent these items from migrating into your home! Set a designated space outside, such as a large deck box, where the kids will know to keep their toys.

 3. Use baskets for outdoor organization and decor.

Baskets are multipurpose in nature—they add an element of organization to any space while also doubling as a decorative item. For patio spaces, baskets can serve as accent pieces that can hold your outdoor essentials. Place lotion, sunscreen, and bug spray inside for easy access and style it into an outdoor centerpiece.

Have a go-to organization hack for the summer? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

About the Author

Danielle Pierce is a recent graduate of Nova Southeastern University and an intern with the Decorated team this summer. Danielle grew up on the beach in Breezy Point, NY, and now enjoys wearing her flip-flops year-round in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She enjoys bringing elements that remind her of a childhood spent by the seaside into her home décor. Danielle is also a competitive equestrian, and when she is not writing, she spends any free time at the barn.