Hello there, friends! My name is Daniela from @coldcoffeemombrain (on Instagram).  

2020 is gone forever (thank goodness), I was even more excited to get Decocrated’s Spring 2021 box.  First impression: HOLY COW, they knocked this box out of the park!  As always, Decocrated comes through with the extremely versatile pieces and to prove it, I want to show you three ways you can easily style the trivet that will come in your box this Spring! Not to mention, you can keep these three styles out year round! 

Over the Stove

Anyone else enjoy decor on their stovetop or near it?  I love making that area minimally seasonal, I have no clue why it’s just where my mind goes I suppose.  I also love that I can easily move it over when I need to use the stovetop without it closing on me (there’s a lock that helps keep it open).

I keep my stovetop decor very minimal. I usually add cute seasonal salt and pepper shakers, a candle, some greenery or even a cute quote but for my spring time display, I want to utilize the dark lantern from a previous box and add some cute faux floral in it.  This needs to also stay functional and keeping it minimal helps me not have to rearrange everything when I need to  move it over. If you are less lazy than I, I say knock your socks off and go wild! 

In Your Office:  Putting the trivet in my office is probably my most favorite way to style it.  I love that my Mac is more aligned with my eyes and I love the fact that it has length.  I am able to also add other desktop items on the top and even use under the trivet as a slot for storage. 

If you wanted to keep it more simple, you could always place your computer on top, and add some floral pieces to it as well!  If you don’t have a desktop, you could even use a tablet/ iPad and get one of those bluetooth keyboards on top of your desk.  For my space, I am decorating my trivet with pieces from previous boxes (the wooden board with a quote, a winter box, and the faux succulent from a previous spring box).

On your Kitchen Table

This is where I first placed the trivet when I opened my box and gasped.  Our table is more like a dining room table and it’s long.  I always place a cute table cloth during the Spring and Summer months, it really helps keep my table bright and airy when I want it to be. 

Once you lay down the trivet, it would be so cute to put floral or greenery garland across it.  You could even add some LED candles (the remote control ones are the absolute best) and give it more of a romantic ambiance.  

The possibilities are endless, there are so many ways you can fit the trivet into your current decor.  I love that each item in a Decocrated box is built to be used in many different ways.  Being a military family, we move a lot.  We make sure the decor we buy could make sense somewhere else and in a different room if we were to move.  I also love that most of these pieces I am able to keep out year round!  

When you get your box, I would love to see how you were able to style the trivet! Be sure to tag me (@coldcoffeemombrain) on Instagram so I can see! I can’t wait to see all of the fun things you guys do!