No one wants their home to look dated. While classic pieces remain timeless, it feels great to refresh your home décor with more modern pieces that reflect the current aesthetic. Here are the top five interior design trends of 2022 to help you freshen your home’s look.


Millennials and Gen Zs whose hopes for buying a first home keep receding will find new ways to exist in smaller spaces. Tiny homes, vans, and trailers are not out of the question. These small spaces will emphasize efficient design with multi-functional, minimalist furnishings.


Speaking of minimalism, a desire for peaceful, meditative space at home will blend with a minimalist aesthetic. If you’re not familiar, minimalist design focuses on having only as much as you truly need. Homeowners have begun to feel oppressed by an overabundance of stuff cluttering their living space. Minimalism emphasizes on paring things down to the essentials.


Bringing nature into the home is the most popular interior design trend of 2022. Potted trees, hanging plants, ferns, and succulents will adorn rooms all over the house. Greenery freshens the air and adds a calming element. Many people discovered an affinity for houseplants during pandemic lockdowns that they don’t plan to let go of anytime soon.


Don’t look for sharp corners in 2022. Furniture will have curves, rounded arms, and soft profiles. Topped with throws made from textured fabrics, shaggy pillows, or fringed blankets, furnishings will emphasize their softer side this year.

‘70s Inspired Colors

Although greens are essential in 2022, don’t count out terra cottas, mustards, and browns to go with that green, evoking a ‘70s vibe. Rattan will make a reappearance as will geometric patterns.

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