From adding a rustic seasonal touch to hiding a mess, crates are the heavy lifters of the home 

Wooden crates are an inexpensive, sustainable, and fashionable way to add some fall accents to your home. Whether you use them as-is or are willing to go full DIY, crates can deliver lots of style and storage bang for your buck.

When you’re ready to introduce some crates into your living space, first get inspired, and then head to your favorite retailer or vintage store to stock up. If you’re a Decocrated member, look no further than your Fall 2020 subscription box.

Here are some of our favorite crate ideas.

Crates as centerpieces

For everyday use or for a special occasion, crates can anchor a tablescape elegantly. Remember to use crates that are the proper size for your table and aren’t overwhelming. Here’s what can you do with your new centerpiece:

  • Line up Mason jars inside a rectangular crate and fill with fresh-cut flowers
  • Stack square crates with potted succulents
  • Arrange candles in jars or vases inside or on top of crates, along with greenery
  • Arrange natural elements like pinecones, tree branches, and ivy in crates with candles or string light
  • Pumpkins and crates are natural décor partners; add straw, dried corn, and mums for a seasonal look

And as fun, easy storage

In their natural wood tones or fancied up with paint, crates make excellent holders and hiders. For an added organizational touch, use chalkboard-style magnets to label your crates.

Crates can become furniture, with some work

For the ambitious DIYers out there, crates are the perfect building blocks. Remember: If you are stacking crates, be sure to secure them to each other and to a wall to avoid tipping.

  • Add legs and a door to a large crate to make a cabinet
  • Create a feature wall of crates
  • Stack two crates and add legs to make a table
  • Make a crate desk or workstation
  • Create an entryway bench by attaching crates and finishing with legs and a top

Crates to entertain, indoors and out

Weather-proofing your crates will make them perfect for the patio and backyard parties. When the weather cools, they’ll be equally at home inside.

Gifts in crates for an extra-special touch

Once you’ve experienced how much fun it is to use crates around your house, consider presenting your next gift in a personalized crate. Looking for more creative ways to flex your home décor skills?

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