Friends! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Can you believe it!? The days are getting shorter and darker, but goodness, the joy, and anticipation for the holiday season is only increasing! I found myself sorting through my holiday décor today because I always have the urge to buy more around this time! It got me thinking, what has been my tried-and-true pieces to decorate with throughout the years? I started pulling a list together, and one thing I was most impressed with was that the majority of my staple Christmas décor options were also super budget-friendly! So today, let me share with you my best Christmas décor on a budget! 

Utilize Bottle Brush Trees

When I think of Christmas decorating, bottle brush trees are the number one thing I can’t wait to pull out (besides the Christmas tree, obviously)! I love bottle brush trees because they’re easy! Anywhere you style them, they bring a little bit of holiday magic! The best part, though, is that you can get them for CHEAP! My set of black bottle brush trees came from Target for $5…perfect décor on a budget, right!? 

Use Pillow Cases to Change the Look

This is one of my favorite budget-friendly hacks for every change of season…just change the covers on your throw pillows! Decocrated always has me covered here (see Winter 2020 pillow cover), but there are also many good options on Amazon as well! By covering already existing pillows, you also win with your spouse… I don’t know about yours, but mine is always so judgy about how many decorative pillows we own haha! 

Decorate with Cute Crafts 

I love involving the kids in our decoration, for any season, but especially Christmas! This year I had Macey update her spring artwork to something more wintery! Typically we create a stamp for her (you can utilize Pinterest for ideas here), and select an aesthetically pleasing color pallet of paint colors for her, then we let her go to town! This time I made her a star stamp out of a potato…so easy!! And look how cute it turned out! I love utilizing inexpensive materials to create something special, but I love it, even more when it involves my kids! 

Update Your Letterboard 

The magic of a letter board is so real, you guys! I love décor you can use all year round, but there’s something about a letter board that really puts it in a league of its own. If you don’t already own one, they are very inexpensive (Target/Walmart/TJ Max, etc., will all have options)! Snag yourself one and see how it completely elevates your décor. I have it here over my mantel with a fairly neutral garland (nothing too Christmas-y), and just by changing the letter board quote, it immediately feels holiday! Don’t you think!? • let your heart be light • I love that quote!! I’ll be keeping it up all season! 

Use Yarn or Ribbon as Garland 

One of my favorite things is to use extra yarn or ribbon I bought for other craft projects as garland during the holidays! This year I had some plaid wired ribbon leftover, and it made for the perfect tree garland! You can also use leftover yarn to make tassels which is daring and festive as well! 

What do you think? Will you utilize any of these budget-friendly décor ideas in your home? We’d love to hear more about what budget-friendly ideas you have and use in your own home! Leave us a comment!