What are the traditions that you and your family do on Thanksgiving morning? There are many different ways to celebrate this holiday, but there is one thing we all have in common: we're thankful. This article talks about some of the most popular Thanksgiving morning activities for families and individuals alike. Let's start with one of the most well-known activities that take place on Thanksgiving morning:

Macy’s Day Parade

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is the oldest and most famous parade held in New York City. It has been taking place on Thanksgiving since 1924, when employees at R.H. Macy & Company started it to break up their workday and celebrate an early Christmas with their families. It's held every year on Thanksgiving Day morning and features giant balloons of characters from children's books and floats with celebrities. This is one of the first things we do as a family on Thanksgiving morning. My kid’s faces light up with excitement seeing some of their favorite characters as giant balloons.


Thanksgiving morning hikes are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with family, but they also help us feel connected with nature. And as we all know, spending time outside is good for our mental health. The fresh air does wonders for me when I feel overwhelmed by the busy holiday season. Hiking is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors, especially in such beautiful settings. We all look forward to going on a hike before we get our bellies full!

Run A 5K 

There are tons of 5K runs that take place on Thanksgiving morning. It's a great way to get outside and stay fit while doing so! Many cities worldwide organize these events, which usually include music and refreshments at the finish line. 

Watch/play football

Football is a famous American pastime, and on Thanksgiving morning, it's no different. Some professional teams have been playing on Thanksgiving for years! So whether you're watching your favorite team play or hosting a family game yourself, there are many ways to enjoy this holiday tradition with those closest to you.

Black Friday Deals

It's no secret that many people start lining up outside of stores on Thanksgiving night in anticipation of the Black Friday sales. If you want to get a head start, then you might even consider going out shopping with your family members while they still have energy from an early turkey dinner. Of course, you can also go together on Saturday or Sunday, but keep in mind that the lines will probably be longer. Whatever you do, make sure to get there early if you want your top pick of items on sale.

Make cookies

Cookies are a popular dish to make on Thanksgiving morning because they take very little preparation, but everyone loves them. Not only can you bake your cookies with the kids while you watch football, but some people also give out homemade treats as part of their Thanksgiving traditions. You might even think about starting new ones by baking cookies for those who are less fortunate and showing your gratitude to them.

Write Down Things You're Grateful For

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without thinking about what you're thankful for. Not only does this help put everything into perspective, but it also allows the opportunity to express your gratitude and share that joy with others in a tangible way. You can write down your list of things you're grateful for using pen and paper, or you can go around the room and just verbalize it to your loved ones.

The most important thing to remember about Thanksgiving is that it's not about the food, it is a time for family, friends, and loved ones. So enjoy your turkey dinner, then find a place on the couch or in front of the TV with those you love most. 

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