Thanksgiving Flair: The Centerpiece

With Thanksgiving around the corner, many people around the country are in the beginning stages of planning their Thanksgiving meal. Yet, one of the most important decisions that we all will face during this time is... What will we put at the center of our table!? While many like to reserve that spot for the turkey ?, we like to spice it up with a cute centerpiece. PLUS, it allows us to use our Fall decor before packing most of it away and beginning the "Christmas takeover!!" So let's get started by gathering our Fall Box supplies from the Fall box (didn't get the Fall box? Grab similar products and *best Tim Gunn voice* "Make it work" )

Fall Box Items:

Fall box items are shown in pic: Tray, pumpkin and chalkboard tag.

What you will need:

(1) Fall box (see above) (1) 3ft. garland (3) Pumpkin bunch accents

Shown: 3ft garland and two pumpkin bunches Not shown: one pumpkin bunch (he was camera shy)

Step 1:

Weave the garland into the tray. This is a pretty simple step and you can't go wrong. Promise

So simple and yet, so elegant

Step 2:

Place that cute pumpkin (or like item) in the middle.

Isn't that the cutest pumpkin you've ever seen?

Step 3:

Place the mini pumpkin bunches in a circular fashion into the empty space between the garland and the pumpkin.

Wow! This is next level fancy.

Step 4:

Add a cute sentiment (we wrote "Give Thanks") on the chalkboard tag and tie it to the pumpkin.

Pro-tip: Use a chalk marker to achieve a clean and crisp text.

Final step:

Place this bad girl in the middle of your Thanksgiving table and then sit back and admire your handy work. It might just steal the turkey's thunder? Look how cute I am :) If you create this centerpiece, use the #iDecocrated to share your creation. We would LOVE? to see how you styled your Thanksgiving table (or wherever you displayed this gourd-iful set-up, lol.) Happy Thanksgiving, from our hearts to your home??