Hi! It’s Morgan from @the_patientmom and today I am coming to you with a super easy DIY home decor project. I’m the type of girl who loves to switch up her home decor every chance I get. For me, that means every holiday, season and sometimes just because. 

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Doormats are one of the most simple items to swap out, so you can bet that I have them in abundance and am working toward having one for every holiday/season. When I opened the Decocrated Summer 2020 Box and discovered the light blue woven rug, I instantly knew that I wanted to layer it on my front porch with a summer doormat. 


However, I didn’t have a summer doormat! So I hopped on Amazon, ordered a plain mat and a few other supplies, and took matters into my own hands. The final product was this adorable summer doormat inspired by the pillow covers from the Summer 2021 Box! DIY doormats might be intimidating at first, but follow the easy steps below to make your own!



DIY doormat supplies, paint, outdoor paint, two coats of paint, chalk, bright colors, diy doormat for your porch, paint brushes paintbrush, stencil, flower stencil, bumblebee stencil, doormat painting
  • Plain doormat

  • Acrylic paint

  • Paintbrushes

  • Stencils (if applicable)

  • Chalk



First, you will need to decide what you want your doormat to look like! I like to search Etsy for inspiration, and I also decided that I wanted to tie the mat in with the pillow covers I use on my front porch. So for me, that meant bees and flowers. I also wanted this to be for summer so I thought the words “hello summer” would be perfect.


If your design is going to be difficult or if you are not great at free-handing letters, I suggest buying or making stencils. You could use a Cricut or I actually just found a bee graphic online and printed it out to make my bee stencil. I free-hand drew the rest.

Bumblebee stencil,  print out the stencil, print stencil, use stencil

Once you have your design planned out, I highly recommend drawing it using chalk first. That way if you mess up, you can wipe away the chalk and re-do it. 

Use chalk to outline, outline design, create design using chalk

Once you have your design down on the mat in chalk, it’s time to start painting! I always start with the words. I used white acrylic paint and alternate strokes and “dabs” so the paint soaks into that mat. Let that completely dry before moving on.

paint over design, acrylic paint, outdoor paint, create design, diy doormat tutorial

After I finished the words, I moved on to the bee design. Like I mentioned previously, I used a stencil for this to make the bee shape. I then outlined the bee with black paint. 

Paint bumble, painted bumble, adorable bumble bee painted, bumblebee on doormat

Once that dried, I filled the body in with yellow paint and the wings with white paint. When that had fully dried, I added black stripes!

floral print, paint flowers, painted flower stencil

Finally, I added some blue flowers to really tie the mat in with the woven rug and the other Decocrated pieces I have on my front porch. 


When finished, allow it to dry completely overnight. If you plan to put your finished mat in a high traffic area or where it can get rained on, you can spray it with a sealer like Flex Seal Spray for extra protection.

Front door, diy front doormat, porch, door wreath, red door

Didn’t it turn out great?! And it was seriously so easy and cheaper than buying one. It's so colorful and fun! Plus the woven rug is the perfect accent.

Final product doormat, painted doormat, diy doormat

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