It is not unusual to feel like you are spending more time outdoors than indoors during the summer. With warm weather and plenty of sunshine, there are many events and activities to take advantage of outside of your home this season before the cool weather returns. 

To celebrate a summer spent mainly in the sunshine, why not let the outdoors inspire your home décor? Here are some tips for extending your time outside and sample vignettes that will inspire you to bring the best of this season into your home.

1. Embrace nature-inspired accent pieces

Swap out your traditional décor for fun, summer-inspired pieces that embrace the best of the outdoors. Since summer is all about spending time outside, don’t be afraid to try unique pieces that reflect this season’s iconography.

For an unexpected twist in your décor, let the wood bee from the Summer 2021 box make a statement in your kitchen, living room, or dining room—your guests will be buzzing about this unique piece inspired by summer’s busiest worker!

2. Incorporate vacation mementos into your décor

The arrival of long days and warm weather can prompt quick trips or long getaways that embrace lots of time outdoors. Use your vacation trinkets, trip mementos, and snapshots to create summer décor that is unique, personal, and celebrates memories made in the sunshine!

Headed to the beach? Fill a clear vase with your finds from the seashore and let ocean trinkets accompany the wood arch from the Summer 2021 box for a seasonal wall display.

Bring your garden inside

Don’t forget to look in your garden for summer décor! Fresh fruit, home-grown herbs, and summertime blossoms can be brought inside to create seasonal accents. Add an outdoor element to your dining table, bookshelf, or coffee table by using vases to hold fresh flowers or baskets to display seasonal fruit.

Looking to freshen up your dining space? Bring some greenery to your table with snippets of herbs placed in small candle holders. The smell of fresh basil, rosemary, and parsley from your garden also bring unique summertime scents to the dinners you share with loved ones.

What are your favorite tricks for bringing the outdoors into your home? Leave a comment below and let us know how you will be decorating this summer!

About the Author

Danielle Pierce is a recent graduate of Nova Southeastern University and an intern with the Decorated team this summer. Danielle grew up on the beach in Breezy Point, NY, and now enjoys wearing her flip-flops year-round in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She enjoys bringing elements that remind her of a childhood spent by the seaside into her home décor. Danielle is also a competitive equestrian, and when she is not writing, she spends any free time she has at the barn.