A year ago, my husband and I made the super scary decision of selling our home. It of course sold very quickly, but then we found ourselves in a situation that essentially made us homeless. We live in Utah, and the housing market here exploded. It was great if you wanted to sell a house, but it made buying one a complete nightmare. We ended up living with my in-laws for 6 months until we finally found our home! We spent the last month fixing it up, but we've finally moved in! Now comes the most exciting part, decorating!

Okay, let's be honest real quick, I am a decorating newbie. I moved into my husband's house when we got together and never really decorated because it was too small, didn't feel like home, and in my mind, temporary. Then I spent 6 months crammed in a basement with my family of four, our dog, and pretty much all of our stuff! Finally, I have a new home, and it's time to decorate! But wait, what do I do, how do I do it, and what's "in" nowadays?

Enter, Decocrated! I was so excited when I found Decocrated. Their Instagram was like a dream come true. So much inspiration, so many ideas, and such cute stuff! I had to look into it and try it out for myself.

When I got my first box, I was blown away by the quality of the products and how cute everything was, but again I found myself in a bit of a pickle. Now I had all this cute stuff and had no idea how to style it. As I dug deeper and uncovered all that was in the box, I found this little booklet. The style guide! It was like a gift from above. This little book had ideas and inspiration. I started playing around with the items I got and soon found myself getting creative and style multiple rooms in my house.

Here are some of the ways I used the items in the crate in our new home!

First off, I've learned that decorating a new home is a lot of putting things in random places until you find somewhere it looks good. We went through a lot of trial and error, but ultimately everything "finds its place."

The wonderful thing about decorating is that you can change it up and move things around anytime you want! Decocrated makes that easy with their quarterly boxes and seasonal boxes.

I ultimately decided to hide this cute wooden bee right behind some wood flowers. Bees and flowers just feel like the perfect match, and I love the idea of the bee peeking out from behind.

If you can’t tell, this wooden bee is my favorite decoration from the Summer Decocrated box. I also found it looked good in my entryway. Pair it with some books, or the hanging clock and wooden arch. There are so many options to choose from!

About the Author

Hello! I'm Lynsey! My husband and I are raising our two boys in Northern Utah. We just bought a home and I’m a total newbie when it comes to decorating, but I find it super fun and a great way to be creative. You can find me on my website realmomtribe.com or on social media as @realmomtribe.