The fact that your #SummerStaycation has just begun means one thing: all the lovely ways you can style your #SummerBox items await – and we’re here to share with you our three fave ways to style that multi-functional gold beauty of a #GeoPlanter.

Carry on below for our top picks for styling this beauty – all of which are colorful, fun & EASY to set up!

Gallery Wall Greenery

We’ve talked about bringing faux florals from outside in this summer (because let’s be honest, we aren’t all blessed with a green thumb!) by utilizing different patterns and pops of greenery throughout different spaces.

If you’ve considered creating a gallery wall, or are looking to re-vamp an existing one in your home, adding a faux fern or even a dessert succulent to this hanging planter brings in color, life, and movement to an otherwise muted space in need of a little personality. Add in some other natural elements, such as lemons or other florals, can tie together the wall to create a warm and inviting vignette in your home.

While your roof is technically the limit here, there is so much versatility when it comes to incorporating this planter with greenery in a gallery wall setting. We can’t wait to see how you style it!

Tabletop Planter

Another favorite styling of ours brings is from the wall of your home to that entryway or family dining table that’s in need of some color and dimension.

Nestling your planter at an angle, while bringing in other gold accent pieces creates a feeling of vibrancy and depth in an otherwise small table space – and if you’re feeling the need for a little extra color or detail, a beautifully styled tray from one of our past boxes can be a designated area for keys and trinkets that you’d like to otherwise keep off of your tablescape.


This hexi-beauty won’t let you down when it comes to propping up some pretty florals or even to use as an organizer for other kitchen items that you’d like to have on display.

We recommend pairing with different wood finishes, deep greens, and pops of yellow to accentuate the gold of this geo planter. And can you just IMAGINE the possibilities during holiday time? This piece is truly as multi-functional as it is multi-sided. Go wild with it, #Decocrators.

Storage For Keepsakes

Last but certainly not the least of our favorite ways to style the #GeoPlanter from our #SummerBox, shifts its function away from a display of greenery to a beautiful décor piece that doubles as storage for those memorable keepsakes and important notes you want to keep close – just not cluttering your desk!


Whether it’s birthday cards or stationary kept on hand for future gratitude given, the simplicity and elegance of this hexagonal planter can be hung, gallery wall style, or placed on your tabletop to organize those cherished items so they’re kept close, organized and never out of sight!

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Who knows, maybe mixing metals is in your future 😉