Summer came fast, am I right?!  My name is Daniela and you can find me on Instagram @coldcoffeemombrain. I hope you’re enjoying the start to this summer so far!  Here in North Carolina, it’s been pretty darn hot.  

I love changing up the way my house looks and whenever a holiday approaches or a new season, I am thrilled to have new things to look at!   In this blog post, you’ll find some ways I switch out my home from spring to summer.  For me, it’s super easy.  I like to bring more colors into the spaces and keep it cool.  

1. Bring In the Color

I don’t know about you but when I think about summer, I think about bright and colorful!  I keep the color tones lower in the spring and post Christmas but summer time?  I bring it all back.  I keep it simple by adding colorful pillow cases, adding something beautiful and bright to my front door and even florals (which, I’ll discuss in the next one).  

2. Summer Florals and Insects

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a love for all my plant babies in my home; however, I’m down for some faux florals for summertime.  I love sunflowers because they can easily transfer into fall.  I also love peony’s because you can keep them out for spring and summer (if you haven’t figured it out, easy is my style- HA).  

My tip for you?  Search for florals you only have to change out twice a year instead of 4 times a year!  Maybe even get an arrangement together and just add cute little accent pieces to that for the holidays in each season (eggs for Easter, flags for July, pumpkins for fall, etc.). If it’s something I can get multiple use out of, I am here for it! 

3. Lighten Beds + Couches

I keep the house between 68 and 71 degrees (depending on how hot/ humid it gets in the summer).  We live in North Carolina, right by the coast, so it does get fairly warm here (pretty quickly)!  

For our bedrooms, I take away the down comforter and throw on a lighter quilt or a light comforter.  We have ceiling fans in every single room in our home but it can still get kind of sticky at night once midsummer hits!  

As far as our couches, I like simplifying it.  I don’t want to be consumed by my blankets or pillows in the warmer weather.  I keep our lighter blankets out and minimal throw pillows, the rest get put away until that crispy weather returns.

4. Sweep Off the porches/ Organize the Outdoor Areas 

We love spending summer evenings and nights out on the front, or back, porch!  Get a broom, sweep out any sand, bugs, or dirt out so you have a clean space to relax in the evenings while the kids get rid of that extra energy before bedtime.  

I also put my succulents outside on the back porch and some of my tropical indoor plants outback to add some greenery and let them enjoy that humidity and sunshine.  

Don’t forget the string lights if you’re wanting to add a warm glow for a nice night porch sitting with your lover or even a good book.  I still have yet to find a rug I love, I’m looking for a round one in particular! 

5. Keep a Beach Bag/ Going out Basket Ready (Grab + Go)

We live near the beach and we are always going last minute.  Keeping yourself a beach bag with a change of clothes, sunscreen, some toys and towels is KEY to those last minute trips!  I keep it in the laundry room ready to grab.  The only thing I need to prepare is the snack bag and our lunches that we take; super easy! 

Want to make it cute? Grab a cute hook and keep it hung in the garage/ laundry room. 

That’s it, those are my tips!  I fully plan on enjoying every bit of this summer and making all the memories.  After last year, I don’t want to take any time for granted.  I hope you implement some of these tips and tricks for your summer decorating and tag me on Instagram @coldcoffeemombrain if you do so I can see! 

Let’s get this summer goin’!