Get ready for Spring with help from your home decor experts over here at Decocrated. Although we can't share what's in the box, there's no reason we can't help you prepare.

With the pandemic still hanging around like a bad date, many of us are using our spaces in the most unlikely of ways. Bedrooms are home offices, kitchens are break rooms in which you chat with your plants instead of co-workers and living rooms are home gyms where you try to burn off the extra quarantine weight. Let’s face it, home is now your work AND play zone. With that said, Spring should be all about revamping and making your space as welcoming and organized as possible. 


Let’s talk about trends for a second. In 2019 and 2020 we saw the emergence of Hygge (who-gah), a trend in which we embraced the indoors with cozy fabrics and neutral colors. This year we see the Danish concept of friluftsliv (pronounced free-loofts-liv), aka free air life, emerge. Gathering outside in open spaces will become a bigger and bigger thing as we all venture into small get-togethers with loved ones. So when the time comes, make sure you are ready to entertain and impress. 

First concept, COLOR!

I said we were sticking to neutrals but not the snooze fest of beiges and off whites, we always think of, it’s all about subtle colors this season.

Using beige and off-whites as your foundation, you can layer these fresh colors in anything from a pillowcase, throw, or if you're feeling really spicy, some art!

In the living room, you can choose to add a throw pillow that has a wide range of these spring colors, think florals and abstract patterns. Throws are another great option to add color and texture.  Use a THROW LADDER to hang multiple throws within a color palette and display the colors of the season without being overwhelmed.

Art is the last way you can bring these colors into a space but remember you don’t always have to hang it. We love the layering trend and this writer has a sneaky suspicion that you will be able to layer the Spring box with the art from the Winter 2020 box.

Next up, multifunctional pieces.

Multifunctional pieces are items that can be used for more than one purpose. A great example of this are trays, baskets, (and need one more)

Trays can be used as a catchall for a high-traffic area or used to bring collections together on a coffee table.  Elevated trays and stylish cutting boards are on-trend as a way to display your coffee station or dry goods. 

Another example of multifunctional home decor are baskets. Back in March when we entered this alternate universe of quarantine, we all thought “might as well organize” and so we did a whole episode on bins and baskets (link to live). We even got a fancy hashtag going, #binsforthewin. Well fast forward to today and we are still living for the diverse the use of baskets can be!

In the kitchen, you can use smaller baskets to display all the beautiful colors of your fresh vegetables and fruits, or take that same basket to your laundry room and use it to hold dryer balls and some greenery. Large baskets are great for storing decorative throws  but even better for hiding the mess when people come over unexpectedly (remember the days when that happened?)

Lastly, if you are lost on how to incorporate color, finishes and textures into your home, fear not, we are here to help! We have done a lot of research and styling work to make the process of updating your home each season as painless (and full of fun) as possible. Our Spring box comes with a styling booklet filled with suggestions on how to pair past boxes with new ones or you can start with a blank canvas and go crazy. 

If you still need some help, we host numerous styling episodes on our Facebook Live series “Coffee Time with Decocrated” every Wednesday at 1pm est or you can join one of our communities. The Decocrators is filled with home decor enthusiasts that will constantly amaze you with their creative ways. You can also join our #DecoHacks community and DIY yourself to some unique decor. No matter what you choose, we got  your back. 

Spring is on pre-sale now and I do not suggest sleeping on this seasons box. It has some of the most exciting and versatile home decor pieces that will make your home the most Hygge/Friluftsliv friendly on the block!