The holiday festivities have come to an end, and it is now time to usher in a new year. With the new year comes new beginnings, new opportunities, and a fresh start. That fresh start can include making some changes and improvements in your home. We often enter the new year with a huge to-do-list of goals. A substantial portion of those to-do-list goals consists of desired changes to the home. So, I have comprised a few simple ways to refresh your home for the new year. 

The start of any refresh begins with decluttering and organizing. Organizing and cleaning are essential to clearing your mind and clearing your home to begin the new year with a true fresh start. Put the holiday decorations away and give your countertops, drawers, and cabinets a good cleaning. I like to store my holiday decorations, including the wonderful Decocrated Winter 2021 Box decorations, in a clear storage container. That way I can easily see and keep track of where each item is located for future use.

Holiday Storage, Faux greenery, Evergreen wall art, clear storage bin, Holiday organization

Another place in our home that oftentimes needs decluttering is the kitchen pantry. You may not have your dream kitchen pantry yet, but there are ways to organize what you do have, to make it feel like a dream. I suggest using clear storage bins to store your food items. It makes things so easy for a quick grab and go. It also allows you to easily see which items need to be replenished for your grocery list. I also love using the Decocrated Winter 2021 box tray to organize the spices in my pantry.

Kitchen Pantry, Spice Organization, How to organize your Kitchen pantry, Clear organizing bins

Wreaths are an effortless way to bring the season indoors. I like to hang a wreath each season and adorn it with seasonal flowers or anything that speaks to the new year. You can display wreaths anywhere in your home, on shelves, on mirrors, on walls. Here I added white roses to the Decocrated Winter 2021 Box Wreath and changed it from a winter-themed wreath, into a “welcome to the new year” statement piece on a wall. The cover photo shows how I used the same wreath on a wall shelf.

Wreath, New Years Wreath, Wall art, Faux Flowers, White flowers

Lastly, a simple way to add some freshness and newness to your home for the new year is by changing your pillow covers. One of the best items in the Decocrated seasonal boxes is the pillow covers! It is amazing how such a simple change can bring such vibrancy to a space. Remove your holiday-themed pillows from your furniture and add Decocrated Pillows, it will provide an instant refresh to the room. Mix and layer your pillows, they don’t need to be matchy-matchy. This allows you an opportunity to inject your personal style while also adding color and newness to your space.

Many times, we start the new year with lofty ideas of totally renovating our homes, however, that may not always be within our reach. So, I suggest refreshing with small simple changes that will bring a noticeable impact. I encourage you to refresh your mind, your body, and your home for the new year ahead. Happy New Year everyone!

xoxo, Doris (Doris Roberts Interiors)

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