School’s out for summer and it’s time to vacation. The perfect way to get everyone out of the house is road-tripping! Whether you’re adventuring to Granny’s or beginning the long-awaited cross-country vacation, these few items will help ease the drive for everyone.

Pack the Snacks!

Lately, I’ve been road tripping up and down the coast of California. I’m one to take the trip on an empty stomach, so to avoid those fast-food cravings, try to pack healthy snacks. From the driver's seat, you want something easy to grab and have in one hand. If it’s quick, protein bars are always a solid option. However, the kids need more. Have a sandwich or a quick hummus snack for the on-the-go. Don’t forget to pack water along with it to avoid not drinking your daily intake.

Pack for the Cold!

You’d be surprised how cold it is in some road trip spots. Heaters can really only help so much. Consider packing a blanket to keep warm. Not only do blankets help you stay relaxed on the drive, but they help the little ones stay toasty. I’ve had my fair share of moments when having a blanket has made the drive 10x better. If it’s raining or snowing, it adds to the indoor rainy day vibes. 

Pack for the Music!

I have faced the annoyance of changing the radio station and songs far too many times to know that you cannot go on the road without having a playlist to listen to. This could be a podcast or an audiobook. What I find is if you have upbeat tempos, it changes the whole scenery. You’ve no longer been driving for 4 hours, but YOU’VE BEEN DRIVING FOR 4 HOURS! Check out our Decocrated Spotify Summer Playlist here: to get the perfect jams for your road trip!

Pack for the Emergencies!

I mentioned the extreme cold temperature, but what about the hot ones? Even though it might not rain, try to have an umbrella with you at all times. You never know when it may be 101 degrees and you need to guard yourself from the heat outside. That heat is scorching! So make sure to pack some sunscreen on your trip to avoid those nasty sunburns! Deodorant naturally comes along with that as well, but make sure it’s easily accessible! 

Enjoy your journey!


About the Author:

Grace Marchosky is a fourth-year Business Management & Entrepreneurship student at The University of Arizona. She is currently interning with Decocrated this summer! Born and raised in California, Grace enjoys cooking, traveling, exercising, and going to the beach. She hopes to go into owning her own business or focusing on PR within a company.