My Americana 2022 add-on box has arrived and it was like fireworks when I opened it! I just started decorating for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July last year so my decor was at the bare minimum until this box arrived. I found so many perfect additions to my red, white, & blue 4th of July mantel and now I am ready to show you how it turned out!



4th of july centerpiece, peace sign, decorating a mantel, starting point

The centerpiece of this mantel (which also hides my TV cords) is this wood and goals PEACE wall hanging. I think “peace” is a great symbol for these USA holidays, don’t you!?




Red, white and blue garland, 4th of July decor, 4th of July Garland, independence day garland, Holiday garland

Next, I layered two different red and blue DIY garlands I made myself. One with yarn pom-poms and wooden beads, and the other with yarn tassels and wooden beads. They are the perfect patriotic decor for decorating your mantel.

4th of July garland on a mantel, festive garland, holiday garland, gorgeous 4th of July garland


Stars & Stripes Mason Jars

Home Sweet home wood block, 4th of July mason jar, 4th of July decor, 4th of july firework decor

I love this navy blue mason jar with white stars, to which I’ve added some mini American flags as well as the red and white striped jar with American flag pinwheels (which I am constantly replacing because my kids love to play with them and then, inevitably, break them). They help add some pops of color and height to your 4th of July mantel.

America my home sweet home wood art fram, american flag decor, 4th of july decor, home sweet home, red white and blue


Wooden Firework Tabletop Sign

Stars and Stripes decor, 4th of July mantel, Firework sticks, 4th of July decor, 4th of july decorating

This piece from the Decocrated Americana 2022 Box is one of my favorites. It is super cute and a bit whimsical with patriotic colors l, which I think helps make the mantel decor a bit more festive and fun.


Stars & Stripes Wooden Sign

Stars and stripes decor, red white and blue wood art block, patriotic decr

Another piece from the 2022 Americana Box, this cute sign that says “Stars & Stripes” just screams patriotism. I also love a good piece of decor with sayings/quotes.


Blue Lantern & Wooden Sign

July decor, 4th of july decor, blue lantern, stars and stripes decor, patriotic decorating

The blue metal lantern and “America, My Home Sweet Home” art block sign from the 2022 Americana Box were the perfect pieces to anchor the two ends of my mantel and hide the command hooks I use to hang the garland. :) 


I love the lantern and am also looking forward to putting a battery-powered candle in it and placing it on my deck during the warm summer nights. I think the star cutouts will give it the perfect glow. The wooden tag that I’ve hung on the lantern is also from the 2022 Americana Box.


Wooden Firework Sticks

Firework sticks, firework decor, 4th of July Decor

These little wooden fireworks from the Decocrated Americana 2022 Add-on box are so cute/unique and we’re perfect for filling in some space on the mantel. Those, combined with some other patriotic pieces I picked up at local stores helped to complete the look you see. 


Finished product, 4th of july decor, 4th of july mantel

If you ask me; I think the final product is dynamite! 😃

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