This is what we call the “breakfast of décor champions''. Get your cooking hands and stomachs ready as the team at Decocrated guides you on how to create a Pancake Charcuterie or “Pancuterie'' board with the Spring 2021 wood runner tray.

Step #1: Select your breakfast of choice + toppings.

Step #2: Cover your wood runner tray with parchment paper.

Step #3: Place your chilled foods in ceramic bowls and on varying sides of the runner first.

Step #4: Utilize your smaller, round room temperature to warm foods, like bananas and silver dollar pancakes, to round the ceramic bowls.

Step #5: Fill in the remaining spaces with warm, non-circular foods, such as bacon and waffles.

Step #6: Round off your kitchen island with grubbing essentials: utensils, syrup, napkins, etc.

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