Do you want your backyard to be fun and inviting for family barbeques this summer? Would you like to create your own personal oasis?

Let’s talk about ways to design your perfect summer getaway right in your backyard.

Many folks are staying home this summer, probably more than ever. Now is the best time to create a beautiful getaway from life without leaving home.

Five ways you can create the backyard of your dreams

  1. Seating. Probably the most practical item on this list. Whether you’re checking off the latest inspirational novel or celebrating a girls’ night in with a few close friends, you need to have a place to rest your bones.

To go along with seating, don’t forget the pillows! With fun designs or bright colors, pillows can bring an outdoor sanctuary to life. If you really want to cozy things up, toss in a throw blanket for chilly nights.

  1. Lighting. Fun in the sun is great, especially if you also have a little shade for retreat. But don’t forget about those occasions when the fun continues into the dark.

A few ideas for lighting:

  • Twinkle lights. Cost-effective and sweet.
  • Tiki torches. Throw-back to “Survivor” and so fun!
  • A few well-placed LED or solar ones will bring your backyard to life in the night.
  • Not really effective in totally lighting an area, but some cute citronella candles can be both practical and decorative.

3. Welcoming décor. What boosts any backyard from average to stellar? It’s all in the presentation. If you want to be the envy of the neighborhood, you need to invest in some awesome décor. If you’re not sure how to go about picking out the right look, check out our subscription for Summer Boxes!

What is one easy way to lift up your backyard décor? Get a RUG! It’s so simple but will make your patio look so much more inviting! 

  1. Tables. You should definitely have a place to put your morning coffee or evening glass of wine, but be careful, because a kitchen table can easily overwhelm an area. Try a couple of small end tables and possibly a coffee table strategically placed in your seating area.

Picnic tables and larger patio tables can have a place in your backyard, especially if you’re planning some larger gatherings this summer. It’s smart to place this type of seating in an area where summertime barbeque messes are welcome.

  1. Greenery. If you’re already outdoors, why add more nature to your already natural backyard? It’s pretty simple: because it will make it prettier.

Some natural accents you can add to your getaway are:

  • Hanging baskets
  • Potted plants and flowers in colorful planters
  • Wreaths

You can even get away with some faux greenery. Brides aren’t the only ones who can find fake flowers that look like the real thing!

Lastly, incorporate YOU

Decorating any space is going to show your guests a lot about yourself. Whether you like bold or calm colors, if you prefer cushions you sink into or furniture that supports your back, or if you’re more of a patterns or solids type, your choices make a personal statement.

Your backyard getaway is no exception. So have fun, don’t stress, and remember: if you are feeling unsure, check in with the only expert who really knows what you like, YOU!

Photo cred: @mamamac_21

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Cheers to your backyard!