Hey, y’all! I’ve been waiting a long time to share a home tour with you. We purchased a house about six months ago and have been making improvements prior to moving in. Let me just say, we feel very blessed and thankful. Today I wanted to share a peek into our own home and how I sprinkled Decocrated home decor pieces throughout! I say it again and again, Decocrated pieces are so so amazing. The versatility of each piece is unparalleled. Each item can be styled so many different places in my home! I can’t wait for you to see where they pop up and give you some decorating ideas! 


Let me show you around! 


The Entry Way

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This may be my favorite place in the whole house. I know we just got started with the tour but I love a good gallery wall and console table styling! I wanted this space to be welcoming and show the heart of our family right when you enter our home. I think I accomplished that. :) In this space, you’ll find the Decocrated candle holders and the blue wood beads - those are two of my all-time favorite pieces from Decocrated!! Had to show them off front and center! 

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The Main Living Room

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We have a pretty open concept home. The sightlines from the front door take you all the way into the kitchen in the back of the house. I love how large this front living space is because you can take in so much upon first glance! We have an “L” shaped sectional we bought secondhand for crazy cheap when my husband and I first got married. We love this couch but it wouldn’t have been the color of choice had we bought brand new. Such is life, right? ;) Sometimes I find myself fighting against the yellow-y tones in the fabric. I find adding greys and blues to the pallet help tone down the yellow tones in the couch. In this room, you’ll find some Decocrated items: the birdcage and pedestal, white wood Easter egg, blue pillow cover, and Easter box pillow cover. 


The Kitchen

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Believe it or not, this kitchen was painted by hand by my amazing husband. It was a labor of love, to say the least! It was a yellow-y wood color originally and now it’s bright and white, I love it! There’s not much natural light in this part of the house so we knew white would be a great option. My favorite part of the kitchen is the adorable open shelving by the back window. Styling it is one of my favorite things! Here you’ll find the Decocrated wood block calendar, the 2022 ceramic Easter bunny, and the ceramic pair of blue birds. 


The Master Bedroom 

Master bedroom, main bedroom, master room, master bedroom door

Welcome to my sanctuary! We are merging old furniture with a few new decor pieces to give our bedroom a fresh new feel. I knew I was bringing over a few black pieces of bedroom furniture from our previous house (two nightstands and two dressers) so I knew I wanted to add some softness to the room. I decided to anchor the room with a gorgeous white textured rug and add accents that would brighten up the space. My goal was functional cozy. ;) I think my favorite part of the room is the open shelving you can see first thing - I love styling open shelving. You can see I haven’t quite finished styling, but boy is it fun! In this room, you’ll find the Decocrated Easter tray (on open shelving), woven hanging basket, the gold tray, and more! What can you spot? 

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The Kids Bedroom

Kids bedroom, childs room, fantastic rainbows, rainbow decor, inspiring, childrens room

My kids (5 & 3 years old) share a bedroom. This house has smaller bedrooms so I always knew a trundle bed would be the best space saver. My daughter is my rainbow baby (a baby born after a miscarriage) so rainbows are very important to us. You’ll see them everywhere in our house but their rainbow pillows on their beds are my favorite. :) My daughter loves the Decocrated clip frame, so you’ll see that on their nightstand.  

Kids bedroom, changing table. baby's changing table, kids bedroom decor


Thanks for joining me on this little home tour! I loved sharing my home with you, including those fun little Decocrated details! It’s safe to say my Decocrated pieces are sprinkled all over…that’s true love, right? :)





About the Author

Becca is in her early 30’s and lives just outside Seattle with her husband, whom she met on Tinder (crazy right!?), and her two kids Macey and Harrison. Life is pretty full with two young kids but in her “free time” Becca loves a good mani-pedi, a hike with her family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, or a day-date to bubble tea with her daughter. You can find her on Instagram here: www.Instagram.com/drivingmissmacey or her blog: www.drivingmissmacey.com