Hey Decocraters! It’s me, Daniela (again) from over at @coldcoffeemombrain on Instagram!  This year is flying by, we are finally in the “BER” months and the weather here in North Carolina is finally cooling off!  Crisp mornings have arrived! YAY! 

Halloween is creeping up fast so I wanted to give some inspiration on ways you can use the 2021 Halloween Box add-on from Decocrated to decorate a tablescape for a fun Halloween party! 

I wanted to make a little grab-and-go table.  Usually, we grill out or make something in the crockpot and the dinners end up staying in the kitchen where everyone can gather around and chat.

Our big display table is in an open area by the front door and I love leaving little fun sweet treats for the kids that are festive and easy to grab!

I had some leftover faux spider web that I grabbed from Target and decided to throw it down as a little “table runner.”  It worked out perfectly! I love that it is draped over some of the decor pieces to add to the “eerie” and “spooky” vibe. 

I usually use this little owl bowl as a little bowl for my plants, but it can also double as a pouch holder! I love how it looks and it’s so fun!

This beautiful Trick or Treat sign on this clip frame is the perfect vibe for this Halloween platter of sweets! I love that Decocrated allows different artists to show off their amazing talents for each of their boxes!   This art piece was created by Adrianna Cullen (find her on Instagram @accraftiness).

Enter if you DARE!  This sign is metal, and the outer edge is wooden.  I love the simplicity of it!  I keep this in my coffee bar on any regular day and thought it was the perfect addition to this treat table! 

I grabbed this right from my kitchen, in my coffee bar area, and put it right on the table to add some height to my tablescape.  This web-tastic hand towel is actually from the Fall 2021 Decocrated box! I LOVE that they added something a little spooky to the regular 2021 Fall Box this year!  

You may have also noticed some pieces from past Decocrated boxes on this tablescape as well! I can always use SO many older pieces when I prepare for a party (or just redecorate)!  I love that about Decocrated, it always meshes together so nicely.  If you’re having a party this season for Halloween, make sure you use your pieces from previous boxes and the current box to add that perfect touch around the house! 

Happy Decocrating and HAPPY OCTOBER!