Hey Decocrated gang! Great to see you again! You may remember me from my earlier post "21 Ways to Use the Spring Tote". I'm Tiffany and I am the author of the blog, The Quirky Mom Next Door. I recently moved from New Jersey to Tennessee and I've really been enjoying Decocrated as a way to spruce up my new home!

The trays are easily my favorite piece in any box because you can use them for a variety of things and they're always so pretty! In the Winter 2019 box, we received "the holiday tray" which has been absolutely perfect for serving anything, as well as hosting my pretty flowers throughout each season. 

In the Spring 2020 box, there was the gold "tabletop tray". This one was very multi-faceted! The four cups are varied sizes and can be removed from the round tray, giving you quite a lot of options for your decor. I’m all about the functional decor so I saw them and immediately knew that they would be perfect for a cute idea that I had in mind!

You see, I love fancy drinks (but hate the taste of alcohol) so my husband makes me nice, tasty mocktails all the time as a treat. He came up with a mocktail we all really loved so we decided to use the gold tray to create a personal mocktail bar and utilize the holiday tray to serve it! The kids loved their little party together! They got to choose which types of fruits they wanted to incorporate into each drink and I think that it was the perfect way to commence the summer fun!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to what my husband likes to call:

"The Quirky Quarantini!"

Combine these for The Quirky Quarantini:
4 c lemon-lime soda
1 c pineapple juice
2 cups orange juice
4 splashes blue curacao syrup
4 splashes grenadine syrup
Fresh fruit of choice
Note: This recipe makes 4 glasses!

We also have another recipe we've been trying out another one we’re calling:

The Summer Blues!

For a personal glass of The Summer Blues (because we don’t have to share EVERYTHING with the kids!), you’ll need:

½ cup lemonade
⅓ cup blue raspberry juice
⅓ cup ginger ale soda
Fresh fruit of choice

I hope this will be the only Summer Blues you’ll have all season! Enjoy your summer and the  Decocrated Summer 2020 box!

Til next time, 

Tiffany Lacasse