Hey Decocrated family! It’s me again, Becca from www.drivingmissmacey.com. My family is out in the Seattle area and boy are we ready for Summer!! It’s been such a wet Spring that just the thought of decorating for Summer puts a big smile on my face! 


With the warm weather starting, it's the best time to begin decorating your outdoor space! So why not start with your front door! Today I wanted to share with you some styling ideas for the Decocrated 2022 summer rug! It’s the perfect foundation for any front porch landscape. I know there are some variations in color, but my summer rug is the blue and white color-way! I styled it a few ways for you and can’t wait to share it with you! 


Front door, front poorch, layered rug, layered doormat, layering rugs, little girl sitting on front porch, front door, potted flowers

First I had to select a doormat that would compliment and go with the Summer rug! I love layered doormats! So fun! A layered rug idea may seem intimidating but it can be super easy! I took a trip to Target and found some super cute options that are really inexpensive (all of these options were $13)! How would I ever choose!? 

Welcome to our home doormat, different layered doormats, welcome doormat, citrus doormat. layered door mats

The first doormat I tried had a black background. I love the way thing one looked but I felt it was a little dark for summertime! 

Next, I tried the abstract lines, a little less dark but not quite what I was looking for. I wanted a punch of color!

Next, I tried the citrus doormat. I loved how it had some pops of blue to match the Decocrated rug and it gave off a real Summer feel! I loved it, however, I wanted to try one more with a bright/colorful background. 

I found the blue “hello” rug and thought it would be perfect to try with the runner rug. I loved this look too. You really can’t go wrong with Target door mats, but ultimately I went back to the citrus mat. I thought it was so bright and cheerful…and so summery! 

Standing over layered doormats, standing over front porch, front door entry

Once I decided on my front door mat for the layered rug look, my next task was to add some florals to my front porch. Trader Joe’s has these cute little mum plants for $4.99 right now - I snagged three. If you have a small porch like I do, these are a great option! They help fill in the porch without taking up too much space. I think these made such a huge impact with a tiny price! 

Front door, layered door mats, layered rug, little kid sitting, fresh flowers on either side of front door

We got home and my daughter was eager to help me assemble. She swept the front porch and set the plans out while I layered the Decocrated rug under the citrus one. Friends…I’m obsessed! Using the rug with a pop of color as your base layer is such a great space for your door area! Although the summer rug only pops out a little bit, the layering look packs such a sophisticated punch! 


My tips for styling this summer rug are to just buy what speaks to you! Snag a cheap but fun door mat and pick up a few small flower pots that make you smile and go for it! Such a fun project to do with your kids too - mine is so proud of the way things turned out! 


Happy decorating!





About the Author

Becca is in her early 30’s and lives just outside Seattle with her husband, whom she met on Tinder (crazy right!?), and her two kids Macey and Harrison. Life is pretty full with two young kids but in her “free time” Becca loves a good mani-pedi, a hike with her family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, or a day-date to bubble tea with her daughter. You can find her on Instagram here: www.Instagram.com/drivingmissmacey or her blog: www.drivingmissmacey.com.