Accentuate and define space for a refreshing style

The most eye-catching spaces strike a balance between minimalism and clutter. On the one hand, if there's almost nothing in a space it feels empty. While on the other hand, if there is too much furniture and too many design elements, the room can feel cluttered.

The thing about interior design is you have to think of your space holistically. Ask yourself: how does everything fit together? A great way to achieve this type of balance is to group, hang, and layer interior design elements.

We’ll talk about a few ways to incorporate these style techniques, so your space is eye-catching and balanced. Plus, you’ll be able to use these techniques right away with your hand picked Decocrated pieces!

Glorious grouping

Grouping objects on tables or walls is a great way to define your space and one way of doing that is: Gallery walls. Artwork, wall hangings, photographs, or other similar items can be clustered in a uniform or free-form way to achieve a “grouping effect.” This draws the eye to a specific wall or hallway.

Try grouping metal and wooden frames together. If done well, this can create a fun menagerie of visual delight. But remember, avoid over cluttering or including too much.

Try mixing objects like pillows, frames, and florals from past Decocrated boxes. Just be sure to choose one piece that really catches the eye. Carefully balance your space to achieve a unique look that works just for you. Layout the pieces on a flat surface and ensure the items are arranged in a pleasing way before installing. Check that the items are evenly spaced (or not, depending on the look you’re going for). Try using the art prints from past boxes all together for a creative collage effect.

Tabletop groupings can incorporate big and small items for contrast. Start with an anchor point. Choose one thing to act as a focal point, like a planter or display rack. Incorporate smaller elements like faux succulents or your spring gold cup.

Tablescapes can be grouped by theme. Plants go well with ceramics in outdoor spaces for a fresh look. Textured items can be clustered for a cozy feel. Metals and geometric patterns can be grouped for a modern look.

Happy hanging

Hanging your items is another fabulous way to refresh and define space. Try hanging planters and decorative sconces from the ceiling. This offers a sense of depth and perspective to any space. Plus, hanging objects can help to highlight (or give a feeling of) high ceilings and open space. 

Take it a step further and try hanging a planter in a well-lit window. Greenery looks great, shining in the sunlight! Hanging objects also look great when hung at varying heights. This gives a sense of balance and can highlight a particular object you like.

Hanging design elements from the ceiling is also a great way to stimulate spatial awareness. You can hang décor items at the same height or mixed levels to achieve different looks. You can hang flat items made of fabrics, like tapestries. Or you can hang plants, or mobiles, and other 3-D objects for a unique look.

The material you hang items with also matters. Try using a clear fishing line for a magical floating effect. 

Luscious layering

Layering is one of the most exciting parts of interior design! Mixing textures and colors or patterns is one way to bring your unique style to life. Try layering some of the décor items, like textiles or table runners, with metal objects, contrasted by wooden materials. Layers add depth and interest to a space. Think collage, and layer it up!

We love how interior design guru Justina Blakeney mixes and matches boho-chic and eclectic items to achieve an overall cohesive look. She reminds us that seemingly uncoordinated designs and styles can work together.

Layer your fabrics with a balance of thick and thin materials. Try soft linen with a wicker texture underneath. Patterns are also important in layering. Mix solid colors with detailed patterns or large smooth patterns with smaller and more intricate ones.

You can even use layering with your bedding. Choose fabric items like sheets, pillows, comforters, and blankets that are in the same shade, or follow your color scheme. You can also create contrast by choosing some muted colors, so your featured color really pops!

Grouping, hanging, and layering with a theme

For a thematic approach, try combining pieces that have similar motifs, even if they present differently. For example, key items from different seasonal boxes may include leafy motifs. Pair them together to emphasize the design in a specific room in your home.

Each item in the Decocrated seasonal box has multiple uses. With a little creativity, you can mix and match pieces with any theme you have in mind. Feel free to reuse objects and make your own combinations for any occasion. This way, you’ll be able to refresh your home over and over, depending on your mood.

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