Hi there Decocrated Blog readers! I’m Becca of the Driving Miss Macey Blog, a lifestyle blog all about affordable style and real motherhood! I love sharing style tips, capsule wardrobe ideas, gift guides, motherhood stories, and how I decorate our sweet little home. Some of my favorite things include: strolls down the aisles of Target or Home Goods, all the avocado on everything, white chocolate americanos, a good throw blanket, and getting my nails done! 💅

Decocrated Spring Box

One word I reference constantly over on my blog is the word versatility. This is a word that matters to me in SO many areas of my life: my wardrobe, home decor, food I stock in my fridge 😉, etc. So, when I found Decocrated, it was instant love. 🥰🥰

To preface, we rent a small, quirky, two-bedroom. I love it. However, we can’t paint, remove walls, or update certain dated aspects of the home (ex: curtains, carpet, wainscoting), so please keep that in mind. Having said all of that, I do think my unconventional space has taught me how to maximize potential and push my creativity until I find a décor combination that makes my heart sing. It’s a fun challenge!

Challenge Accepted

Today I am sharing with you all the ways I’ve incorporated my new pieces from the spring box. I’ve been so excited to share…spring is in the air!

First, let’s start with my favorite corner of my home: my ring sling display shelf. My kids are small (almost three and almost one), so babywearing is still a huge part of my life. I specifically purchased this shelf to display my baby carriers, and it has quickly become my favorite shelf, not only to hang my favorite baby carriers but to style and decorate each season! As you can see from the before/after photos below, I traded my boxwood wreath and black & white charcoal tree photo for the STUNNING Decocrated framed art piece and the gold tray from the tabletop set. This item is so versatile because the tray and cups are separate pieces, so many possibilities! The framed artwork is stunning by itself, but my shelf was a little wider than the frame, so I added the gold tray to balance things out and add some extra interest. Layering them like this was a bit unexpected, but I love the look. What do you think? 🤔

The gorgeous farmers market tote hanging on a hook in the above photo is also from Decocrated! I cannot wait to take this baby to my local farmers market this spring. It’ll be the perfect size for all my veggies, fresh salsas, and farm-fresh flowers I always bring home from my local market. I love the quote on the front of the tote, “It’s what’s inside that counts” because it’s so true! Literally and figuratively. Then there’s that pop of blue on the bottom portion of the bag, so unique! The leather handles will make it easy to fill this bag to the brim – it’s honestly the perfect size! I love functional pieces that are also pretty, don’t you!? I even love the idea of adding florals and hanging in an entryway or coat rack as decor!


Around the corner from this little shelf is my kitchen. Again, we live in a rental, so we are stuck with the appliances we have. I mean, who doesn’t love an oversized white fridge, am I right?? I’ve been trying to pretty-up my fridge space for a while now, so I was ecstatic when I realized the magnet board fit perfectly on the side of the fridge and completed my little “coffee corner”! ☕  It’s a work in progress, but I think the magnet board helps offset the not-so-chic white fridge! I also love to hand-letter, so this board will be easy to update with fun phrases and seasonal quotes throughout the year!

Coffee Station_Chalkboard

Okay, on to my second favorite area in my home: our built-in shelves in the dining room. These shelves are tricky because they need to serve multiple functions due to limited storage space. We keep much of our glassware on this shelf out of necessity, but I still like to make it pretty. 😊

Bookshelf Organizing

Here you can see how my Decocrated pieces steal the show (metal lantern & cylinders from the tabletop set)! I’m obsessed with the metal lantern. It adds such a sophisticated edge to my décor. I love the way it looks with some faux greenery in it, and it looks right at home next to my thrifted wine rack. I also filled one of the gold cylinders with more greenery and draped some wooden beads over the others to add some variation in texture and color. I love the way it turned out. I think the shelves were a bit overcrowded before, and my Decocrated pieces really helped me scale things back to create a new, fresh look! Both the lantern and the gold cylinders will be pieces I keep out all year round!

 Bookself_2Switching gears to our master bedroom – I have to tell you, my husband rolled his eyes when I pulled out the GORGEOUS dusty blue pillow covers (HA)! I have SO many pillow covers because I love switching up my décor in this inexpensive and easy way. I have about six pillows on my couch that I’m always changing up and 3-5 on our bed that I switch up every season, sometimes more! However, even with all the pillow covers I own, I’m never very adventurous with color. Friends. I’m obsessed with the shade of blue Decocrated picked for these covers! It’s a bold color but also somehow still feels like a neutral. Plus, the quality is amazing, which I feel like I can vouch for because I own so many! 😉 I love how they bring a sweet hint of spring and freshness into our bedroom without being flowery or too bold. I also think these would look adorable on our entryway bench. We’ll see where they end up full-time. But again, so versatile!

Throw Pillows_BedroomOk, so tell me, which corner of my home was your favorite transformation (ring sling shelf, built-ins, or bedroom)? I’d love to know!

(Gratuitous Baby pic)

Lastly, I have a confession for you: I’m a constant décor rearranger. It is very likely that all these Decocrated pieces are somewhere completely new in my home by now…but, isn’t that the beauty of it? Endless variations. The gold tabletop tray may become makeup storage in my bathroom. The framed art piece might end up in my kids’ shared nursery. The metal lantern might end up in the center of my dining table with candles and florals. I also thought I might turn the magnet board into a welcome sign and set it outside on my covered porch.

I will continue to style these pieces in new ways throughout the year. If you’d like to follow along, you can find me at www.drivingmissmacey.com and on Instagram @drivingmissmacey. Please comment below or tag me on Instagram sharing the ways YOU have used your spring box! I’d love to see it! 

Decocrated friends: it’s been so fun popping in on the Decocrated blog to chat with you today and share a little piece of my world with you! I truly hope you enjoyed it!