Hey Y'all, it's Samantha from @thepinkenvelope, and today we are chatting about rattan! It's so hot right now. Rattan first hit the scene in the '70s with rattan chairs, rattan baskets, rattan patio furniture, and more, but since the '70s, it has mostly been used outdoors.  Until a couple of years ago, this throwback material is being used anywhere and everywhere by everyone.  From luxury designers to DIY'ers, rattan is where it is at.

Why is rattan so popular?  

Rattan furniture is so popular because of how easy it styles. The classic woven texture is unique, reasonably priced, durable, and guaranteed to look on-trend for years to come.

Where Can Rattan be used?

Rattan can easily be used on chairs, any type of door (I'm looking to you buffet doors and armoire doors), lampshades, mirrors, headboards, tables, lighting, and so much more! Not a DIY'er, excellent, Rattan is not an expensive material which means you can purchase beautiful rattan items to create a budget-friendly room refresh.  The table below is a painted rattan entry table.  I got it from a friend who was throwing it out.  I love this use of painted rattan!  Check my purse, can you tell I'm in love with rattan right now?!

What Style is Rattan Considered?

Since rattan is a natural texture, it is considered a base material like wood.  Rattan works with many styles, such as coastal, farmhouse, modern, traditional, boho, and can be easily painted for a contemporary look. I'm currently crushing hard on Decocrated's Rattan furnishings - the Rattan Plant Stand, the Rattan Trays, the Tulum Rattan Mirror, and their Rattan Side Tables.  They are so on point!  If you are a Decocrated subscriber, Rattan pairs PERFECTLY with the Decocrated Summer 2020 Box! Check out the dual-sided yellow and woven pillows and the natural wood accents. Super super on point! (If you missed this box, I think they have a few more in the Decocrated Online Shop, click here to check).  Also, check out my shoes I'm wearing, see, that box is so rattan-inspired.

Types of Rattan

Did you know there are several types of rattan?  Depending on the style of your home, you can choose a rattan that best suits your design.  In the photos below (on my closet doors), you will see Open Box Rattan, which they call Fine Box Cane, in the image below.  But on the White Rattan table I shared above; you will see Open Mesh Cane.  And on the Decocrated Summer 2020 Pillows, you will see a Superfine Twill Cane.  Fun fact, the front and backside of rattan carry the same pattern but not always the same colors.  But note, rattan is not the same as wicker.  The difference is that rattan is a material, whereas wicker is the style and method of weaving. Wicker can be woven from rattan or other materials.  Rattan features a solid core and is available in an array of natural colors, as seen here. Wicker, on the other hand, may or may not be strong. Its strength varies on the materials used to weave.

My DIY Rattan Project

In my mid-century modern farmhouse, I have rattan in both the furnishing and the permanent installs.  I do not believe in the phrase "timeless design" because everything ages and looks dated eventually.  So why install or purchase boring designs in hopes that they last forever?  I say, buying something wild, wonderful, and fun that everyone will enjoy!  Check out these rattan closet doors I built.  Yep, you read that correctly, I made these, and they are so happy!  I will be releasing the full how-to soon, so make sure you sign up for my newsletter on my blog www.thepinkenvelope.com

In conclusion, if you are thinking about incorporating some rattan style into your home, remember, it's a forgiving material and hard to go wrong with.  It plays well with others and loves being both the center of attention or an accent piece!

About the Author

Samantha is a mid 30's mom of 2 daughters and a wife to a commercial photographer.  She thrives on her DIY cash home remodel, wine, subscription boxes, Curly Girl Method, and empowering other women to be their best selves.  She loves animals and the great outdoors, including her cats, fish, turtle, and her backyard chickens.  Honest, sincere, and tons of fun, Samantha loves her Jesus and attributes all joy and success to Him!


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