With summer quickly drawing to a close, it’s time to start thinking about how to get your home ready for fall. Since fall brings so many wonderful reasons to be in the kitchen, why not start there? Discover how to transition your kitchen from summer to fall décor.

Update the Color Palette

Summer and fall color palettes share some of the same tones, so you don’t need to worry about redoing everything in your home. Keep any decorations with pops of yellow, orange, or red while swapping bright greens for more muted shades. If you have a choice between metallics, choose silver since we’re about to be in the darker half of the year.

Prepare for Fall Weather

If your kitchen has a door to the garage or backyard, it’s a good idea to invest in a quality doormat that will help keep you from tracking mud and rain inside. Similarly, you may want to install some wall hanging storage for coats, hats, and other cold-weather gear.

Don’t have a door to the outside in your kitchen? Wall hanging storage can still be a great place to hang your apron or a nice comfy cardigan for chilly mornings.

Swap Your Candles

If you’re obsessed with candles, you know you can never have too many. Changing seasons are a perfect excuse to update your collection. Plus, there’s something so homey about having pleasant smells in the kitchen.

Here are some of our favorite fall scents:

  • Bonfire and s’mores
  • Apple cider
  • Mulled wine
  • Apple pie
  • Autumn rain
  • Honey and citrus

Basically, if it has “apple” on it, you can’t go wrong.

Get Ready for Fall Foods

Fall is a season that most of us probably associate with baking and making holiday foods. This means it’s the perfect season to let your bakeware double as decoration—display your favorite baking dishes and rolling pins with pride!

Another good way to cozy up the kitchen is to set up a hot drink stand with supplies for tea, cocoa, and other warm beverages. Tea towels and seasonal mugs are a great way to make decorating pretty and practical.

Change With the Seasons

We hope you enjoy these tips for transitioning your kitchen from summer to fall décor. Decorating with the seasons helps make every part of the year special. It can also help you get the most out of your current space.

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