In a blink of an eye, it is hard to believe that it is time to switch out our summer décor and begin decorating with warm, fall tones. As much as we all love the fun summer traditions like grilling out back or spending time by the pool, there is nothing I love more than the fall season. Fall brings new beginnings, cooler weather, and all the fun holidays are right around the corner. Need I say more?

With all this excitement, it can be overwhelming at first. But not to worry, I am here to provide some helpful tips to make your transition from Summer to Fall easier. Let’s begin!

To transition your home from the summer season to fall, you need to make sure your home provides a warm and welcoming environment to go hand-in-hand with the coziness of the fall season.

1. Bring out throw blankets

 I am a lover of soft and big blankets that cover my whole body. Even though I live in Florida with 85 degrees and often higher, you can find me snuggled up all fall season on my couch with a nice warm throw blanket. The best way for me to begin welcoming in the fall season is by decorating my couch or seating areas with warm-colored throw blankets. Once your blankets are displayed, hop on the couch and turn on your favorite fall movie. For me, that is Hocus Pocus!

2. Utilize natural elements

This season is all about pumpkins and leaves. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle fall natural elements in every room around your home. Bring out pinecones, pumpkins, leaves, flowers, anything to make your place feel warm and cozy. Transforming your space does not need to be a big project. Pick 3-5 staple pieces and you are set. 

3. Use what you have your in home for summer, but change it to match fall

You don’t have to completely remove all summer decor. Sure, I would take out the lemons and cool tones since fall is warmer tones and leaves. But, keeping centerpieces or trays that have darker tones are more than welcome to be kept out year round. Pick a centerpiece, whether it be a tray or a planter and add fall plants/items.

4. Switch out throw pillows

Just like your throw blankets, throw pillows are super easy to change around every season. Grab the same pillow insert and change out the case in a matter of seconds. Place throw pillows on couches, chairs, or any cozy area you will be using as an entertainment space. Find a few different pillows and put them together. For example, you can flip the bee side of your Summer box over and use the boho-styled side. With that one switch, your whole scene is changed.  

5. Add a fall candle scent to tie it all together

Last, but not least, add a nice Fall candle! Scents like pumpkin, autumn leaves, and cinnamon are just a few candle scents that will give your home that comforting scent to draw guests right on in. While your burning your pumpkin candle, why not whip up a pumpkin bread to really get the fall aroma circulating around your house!

I hope these tips allow you to transition into the fall season comfortably and with ease. If you try out any of these ideas let us know below which is your favorite. Thank you summer for the tan lines, BBQ’s with family, and fun road trips. I am sad to see you go, but even happier to say, hello fall!

XO, Julie Rosner