If you haven’t seen this year’s Fall 2021 box, you are in for a treat! This year Decocrated included Fall wooden beads, and they offer a unique way to spruce up your home this Fall. The beads are perfect for adding stylish accents and bringing the warm colors of Autumn into your home. This blog post will share some tips on how you can style your home with these beautifully crafted fall decorations.

Find the Focal Point

When it comes to styling your home with the Decocrated Fall Beads, one of my favorite tips is finding a focal point and adding the beads around this focus. Take time to clear out any unnecessary items from rooms in your house that may be distracting from what you'd like to be seen. After this, take time to look at your space and find the best spot like the ones discussed below to place the Fall Beads.

Front Door

Front doors help bring a sense of warmth and excitement into your home as you come and go throughout each day. I love hanging a wreath on the door and changing it with the seasons. To help get yourself started, whichever wreath you’ve chosen to hang, you can place the beads on either side of your wreath so that it greets guests immediately when they step foot into your home.

Tea Towel Ladders

You can style your kitchen with a decorative tea towel ladder and place it on top of your island or countertop. I have one on my coffee bar. This year’s Fall Decocrated Box came with a tea towel ladder. It’s the perfect size, and I love the rustic look. The box also included a Fall and Halloween-inspired tea towel. I like draping the beads around the ladder. 

Tiered Trays

Tiered trays are a great way to bring the colors of Fall into your home and then use them as decoration pieces for years to come. Place these tiered trays on top of your coffee table, end tables, countertops or coffee bar to make it feel more complete throughout your space. Add Decocrated beads to the tiered trays for you to make a remarkable statement on them. I tend to start with my smallest decor first and fill the tiered tray and once I have everything how I like it, I will take the wooden bead decor and position it in between my smaller decor pieces.