No matter where you live, the region, state, or even city, you can always tell what time of the year it is by looking at people’s doors. Almost everyone loves to welcome the next season with a warm salutation through a one-of-a-kind wreath. Wreaths are usually hung on the front door and serve as a cheerful greeting for you, your family, and your guests. Wreaths range in all sorts of colors, sizes, be store-bought or even custom made. No matter how you choose to salute this season, be sure that, your wreath reflects you and your home. Let’s face it, there’s no place like it after all.

How to Decorate Your Door

There aren’t any official rules for what or how you can decorate your door for each season. The real place to start is from within. Within your home, your design tastes, and even your front door itself. If you have an overall theme or color scheme for your home, try using those elements to choose your wreath. Consider your style, is it eclectic? Modern? This is a great place to consider how you want the overall vibe to be at the entrance of your home. Lastly, look at the color of your front door. If you want your wreath to “pop,” then use the color wheel to determine the opposite color, which will help make it stand out. If you’re more of the monochromatic type, use color on the same side of the color wheel to decorate.

Knowing that the door I will decorate is a gorgeous blue tone, I wanted the wreath I was making to stand out. From looking at my home, I know that I like more organic-looking florals and modern, minimal lines, I chose a gold metal floral hoop and neutral tones. Gathering my supplies of faux floral stems, a hoop, floral wire, and scissors, it was a few simple steps to create my very own wreath.

To get the organic look I am going for, I know to leave the florals sparse. This also coincides with me wanting my minimal lines and these hoops were just the thing. When using faux florals, you can remove what you want to use by simply pulling off or cutting what you desire from the stem.

Lay out your design before using your floral wire to attach to make sure you like what you see. If you need to adjust by adding more, talking away, you can do so easily at this point in the process. Once you like everything where it is, simply cut pieces of your floral wire and wrap your stem to your wreath base. Continue to build as desired until you like your finished look!

Whether you are purchasing your wreath or creating one of your own, be sure that you enjoy it. There are no rules on what you can use as a base for the filler or even how you hang your seasonal wreath on your front door. Your door says a lot about you, so give those neighbors something to talk about!