Hi friends! It’s Daniela from over at @coldcoffeemombrain on Instagram.  

I hope your summer is going well and not too humid for you (over here in North Carolina it is)! 

I wanted to share some fun, unconventional ways, you can utilize the styling shelf that came in the Summer 2021 Decocrated box.  This shelf is not heavy so there’s a lot you can use it for! 

1. Book Shelf:

I don’t know about you guys, but I love to read.  My son does as well!  He has a lot of his favorite books in his book shelves upstairs but we also utilize our public library (him and myself)!  

I always make sure he keeps his books in a “special spot” so they don’t get mixed up in his book shelf in his room so I put the shelf out on a small end table downstairs.  This allows the beautiful cover pages to be viewed, my son to choose which book(s) he wants to read and a spot where he can put them back so they don’t get jumbled up in the ones we own here at the house.

If you aren't big readers, you can even use this shelf for school books, workbooks or coloring books! It’ll keep it all organized and it’s stylish! 

2. Coffee Bar 

I love a good coffee bar.  I love switching out cute seasonal items and swapping things around to make it more functional as well.  I decided to set the shelf right on the counter and add my sugar and cream ceramic pieces on top!  It adds a nice fresh pop of white to the space and it’ll be so fun for the holidays coming up when I can add little fun festive pieces to the shelf! 

I can even imagine this during christmas time… little cute bottle brush trees and some “snow” coming off of the shelf, even adding some cute fairy lights to give it that twinkle.

3. Playroom Shelf 

If you have kids, this one's for you.  Hang this cute shelf up right in the playroom/ play corner and let them use it as a little “store shelf". My son has a little spot in his playroom that we made into a “restaurant/ grocery store”.  This white shelf is the perfect size for his “foods” that are sold in his store!  It’s adorable to watch him and his friends “shop” for what they need to buy. 

My son also likes to clear the food off of the shelf and store some of his favorite cars up there (as a display).  jeff
As you can see, there are many functional ways you can use this Stylish Shelf in the Decocrated 2021 Summer Box.  A big rdanielaeason why I love Decocrated so much- multi useful / functional pieces in every single box! 

If you received this box, how did you use your shelf in your home?  Be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and happy decorating!