As a girl who usually sticks to her neutrals, I was initially worried how I would incorporate the New Americana box to my simple taste. After opening the box and playing with the pieces I was amazed at how fun my space looked!

The Decocrated New Americana Add-on Box provides a summer and patriotic vibe all season long. What better way to welcome in the summer patriotic holidays than incorporating items from this box! 

Celebrate the country you love all summer long with pops of red, blue, and white scattered throughout your home. Keep reading to see how I styled all of the items inside and outside my home. 

The Americana Pillow

How fun is this pillow case! Not only is the Americana pillow double sided, hello amazing, but it completes any chair and room more than you could ever imagine. The one side is decked out with stars, while the other side has a cute America quote. If you are unsure which side you like best, no problem! I suggest flipping the pillow back and forth when you want a change in the room. Simple as that!

I personally would use this more outside as it does not go with my interior decor, but that is okay. Adding this pillow on a patio chair or bed will add to the summer feeling as you sit outside and soak up the sun with a nice drink in hand. 

The House

So cute, yet so simple. This house that is painted red, white, and blue brings in a simple accent to your home for the holiday season. You can place it on a counter, a side table, or on a tray. The options are endless. If you are not a fan of the coloring, no problem. Take the house and change up the coloring or add some fun prints on it to make it your own. If you need some inspiration, check out our #DecoHacks Facebook page!

The Metal Vase

As someone who loves flowers whether faux or not, this vase transformed my simple flower decor more than I expected. This metal vase is for faux flowers only, so DO NOT add water or real plants! Add in some faux bright flowers with an American flag and you are set! 

Wall Art

Last, but not least we cannot forget wall art! Place this “Home of the Brave” wall art on a wreath, a wall, or up against a wall to complete your summer holiday decor. If it does not go with your interior decor, no problem! This piece can be placed outside propped on a side table or even hung up on a shelf. I decided to use the wall art as a door sign. Whenever we go outside and grill, the wall art is hanging proudly as we celebrate our great nation. 

If you want to see future boxes styled with tips and tricks let us know below!

See you next time!

-Julie Rosner