Hey friends! It’s Becca from www.drivingmissmacey.com here to show you how I styled my coffee table with old and new Decocrated items! The Spring box is AMAZING, so many good pieces. I love how each item is so thoughtfully curated. There are always so many uses and so many different places I can use each item in my house. I’m so excited to take you along my coffee table styling journey today - let’s get started! 


For coffee table decor I love to have a good variation of heights, but nothing too high. I started with the perfect glass vase from the Spring box and filled it with my favorite white faux flowers I snagged from Amazon. You can also use fresh or faux greenery! Fresh flowers are a great option too, and add in extra that spring element. I love starting with a neutral pallet and adding pops of color as needed. The vase created the perfect height for florals on a coffee table. Everything else I plan to add will be below this height, mixing soft and hard shapes to create visual interest! 

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Next, I added the circular wood tray from the Spring box. I love the birdcage but I decided not to use it here because I knew I wanted to feature a spring-colored candle and the beads (also from the spring box). 

decor books, spring arrangement, coffee table display, perfect balance, spring objects

At this point, I have quite a few circular items on my coffee table so I pulled out some of my favorite coffee table books to add some straight edges and clean lines to the look. Coffee table books not only add a bit of color but also height, which I find so important in making your coffee table decor so interesting. 

coffee table for spring, filling in space, floral arrangement, ceramic birds

To finish the look I add one of the ceramic birds. I did not think I would love these little birds as much as I do. Funny story, I don’t love birds haha. They’re beautiful but as far as animals go they’re not my favorite. I usually don’t gravitate to them in decor because of that but again, this is why I LOVE Decocrated. I end up with versatile items but also items that I wouldn’t necessarily pick myself. It pushes me to try new things and now that I have - I love the bird decor!! These cute little ceramic birds completely finish off the coffee table look - don’t you think??

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So there you have it, my styled coffee table! What do you think? Neutral yet colorful, lots of shape variation and heights! I love it!  Get creative and style with coffee table decor that you love!





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