A Winter Tablescape With Decocrated Decor

The winter season is here! For some that might not be the best news and for others they love the wintertime. For myself, I’m a little bit in the middle. I love the winter season during the holidays. But after that, I’m kind of over it. Plus with all the time we’re spending indoors I have to find something that brings me joy. One of those is decorating my home. It helps to lift my mood when I can decorate and be creative. This year’s Decocrated winter box had a lot of goodies in it that can be used among other seasons, which I always love! One of those goodies is the gray table runner. Today, I’m going to share how I create a winter tablescape. 

Neutral Tones


One of the first steps, when I begin to decorate any space in my home, is to think about what colors I want to incorporate. I love the simplicity of neutral tones. I do tend to lean towards the earth and rustic farmhouse style throughout the holidays and winter season. Some of my favorite neutral colors to use are white, gray, creams, and beige. I like to add in wood for a rustic feel. The muted tones paired with the wood finishes is one of my favorite decor styles to use. Even after the holidays, I will keep my neutral-toned trees out all winter season. Pairing the gray table runner with the wood tray, from the Easter 2022 Add-On Box, and then adding in trees that fall into the neutral category bring a beautiful combination to any winter table. 



One thing that I have a lot of in my home is greenery. Think along the lines of a rustic farmhouse and bringing a little bit of the outdoors in. Adding greenery to your home decor is a timeless theme. It adds a natural texture to any home design. I used to be anti-plants, even the faux ones. The first faux plant I ever got was in a Decocrated box. It helped me to realize that I love having faux plants in my home. Some winter greenery that I tend to have around my home is lamb’s ear, boxwood, pine cones, and cedar. If you received this year’s Winter 2022 box then you’ve seen the perfect winter arrangement that came in it. I love having that on the table. I styled it in the vase from the Spring 2022 Box! It’s simple and elegant looking. 



Nothing screams cozy more than good lighting. I’m not talking about lamps or overhead lights. I’m talking about candles! The ambiance that candles bring to my home makes me so happy. It changes the aesthetic of any space. Most of the candles in my home are LED battery-operated. I have three kids and animals in the home so an open flame makes me nervous. I like that I don’t have to worry about leaving a candle burning and no one will get burnt. The faux candles these days can also look very real! It’s also a simple way to change up a tablescape by adding in candles on rustic candle holders, like the ones from the Fall 2021 Decocrated box. You can put the candles together with differing heights to help give your decor some dimension. The soft glow helps lift my mood during the long winter months.

I hope this helped give you some inspiration to make that beautiful winter tablescape. The beauty is you can go as simple or as extravagant as you want. The winter season can be a magical time and I love sharing that through decorating my home. Happy Decorating!


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