A small outdoor space doesn’t have to feel cramped or uncomfortable. Your outdoor space can be as inviting and relaxing as your living room with the right design and decor.


What to Keep In Mind When Styling Small Outdoor Spaces

 Here are some key things to remember:

• Keep it personal: Personalize your outdoor area with unique pieces, like a fun planter or a colorful rug that you love. Finding a piece that speaks to you will help make the space feel more intimate and inviting.

• Be creative: You can use candles or fairy lights to bring a sense of coziness to your outdoor space. It’s beautiful at night to sit out by a faint glow of candles.

• Use outdoor seating: Be sure to get weatherproof pillows for sofas, rockers, lounge chairs and swings if you want them out in the elements year-round. A few pillows on chairs can add color and softness without taking up precious floor space.


Here are five creative ideas to spice up your small outdoor space:


  1. Plants: When it comes to decorating a space, plants are the bread and butter. They add life to any room, help purify the air, and, in smaller outdoor areas, they are easy to maintain. They work well, either potted or hanging, add color and texture, and can be paired with an endless array of design styles from classic to modern.

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    1. Floral: Flowers, of course! They’ll make your small space feel homey, cheerful, and more inviting for you and your guests. Choose a flower that blooms throughout the season, like Geraniums or a particular variety of Begonia. If you have an outdoor balcony, consider planting flowers in containers that can double as planters, or if you have a yard, try planting them in the ground. Those without much space to work with but still want to incorporate flowers into their outdoor decorating scheme—consider hanging baskets, potted plants on stands, or window boxes.


    1. Accent Wall: Consider an accent wall if you’re looking for fun ways to make a statement in your small space. While most people are used to the look of white walls, even if it’s with a warm tone or slight pattern, using a dark color on one wall can create a dramatic effect that makes your small space look larger. Choose an all-over large, bold pattern that will capture the eye and bring attention straight to your accent wall. It will help create visual interest and add dimension to your small space when decorating.

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      1. Pick A Theme: When styling an outdoor space, choosing a theme that reflects your personality is important. In the same way, you’d pick a color palette for a room inside your home. You want to do so with an exterior space too. If you like a farmhouse look, go with that. Or, if you prefer something laid back, lean into that. The goal is to make the space feel like an extension of your house — after all, you’ll be spending more time there! The first step when choosing a theme is to decide where it will lead. Do some research on outdoor spaces you love on Instagram and Pinterest. What styles speak to you? Are there common elements? Once you have answered these questions and picked a style, the rest should fall into place.

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        If you’re like most people, your porch is like an extension to the main house. It’s where you come to relax after a long day’s work or entertain family and guests during a weekend BBQ. Naturally, You’d want to keep this space comfortable and inviting. You can achieve this by following the above simple yet effective ideas of incorporating greenery, decor such as rugs, and using vertical spaces.


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