Hey friends! I love a Decocrated summer box. There’s something so cheerful and happy about getting that big yellow box! I immediately grab my scissors, open all the goodies, and decide what I’m styling first. Without a doubt, the first thing I wanted to style was the hanging shelf! Not only was it super practical, but I knew exactly where I wanted it to go in my home and it helped fill a huge decor hole - isn’t that the best!? So here are my styling tips on how to decorate a hanging shelf for a bedroom!

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When you walk into my kid's shared bedroom right now you walk past this blank, small, narrow wall. I’ve always wanted to put up shelves but never found a style I liked…until the summer box! This little mini version of the very popular Decocrated three-tier hanging shelf was the perfect solution for this area of my kid's space. It’s the first thing you see when you open the door to my kid's bedroom and provides a great addition of style right away. One you hang the shelf where you like it you can then personalize it with your own shelf decor style or color scheme to match your home!

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The installation was super simple. I used a mini level, drill, screwdriver, and the pieces provided with the shelf. Love when you can put up something so easily that adds a TON of style. Now, this shelf may be small but it creates a huge impact. What once was a useless wall is now one of my favorite styling spots in the house! 

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I chose to decorate the shelf with shelf decor items that were sentimental to my kids. I want them to be proud of what’s on that shelf, so I selected one item that was special to each kid and I love how personal it makes the space! Since this is a smaller shelf it important to not overload the space with shelf decor. Choosing two items with different heights is a simple way to add depth and create and eye catching styling. In this shared bedroom, anytime I can add more personality - I will! This room has been a work in progress but I love the progress this shelf provides: a place to display meaningful things! It is also a space I plan to change out and update constantly. I love places like that in my home! 

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How will you choose to use the darling hanging shelf? We cannot wait to see how you style it in your own home! 





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