Mother's Day is this Sunday, and under normal circumstances, we would all be planning the different ways to make mom feel special. To be honest, as moms, we look forward to this day for so many reasons. If you are "empty nesters" or a mom to older kids, it means that your children gather, and you get that moment of togetherness that can be a rare occurrence. If you're a mom to younger children, you get to see all their creativity come together to make a "homemade" card (that was really made at school) with a cute poem highlighting the many things they love about us. There are so many ways to make mom feel special, but this year, things are different. BUT different does not have to mean less amazing.

Here are some creative ways we can show mom that we love her and appreciate all that she does and has done for us.

Mail Them Some Love

There is no greater feeling than receiving a handwritten letter. You walk to your mailbox expecting the same ol' bills and junk mail but low and behold there is something special! No matter what age, this is one of the greatest surprises. It will definitely give mom all the feels this Mother's Day when she gets a lovely handwritten postcard from her favorite child (we all know it's you, and if it wasn't, you are now.) Also, it gives mom something that she can keep forever. You know, us moms are a sentimental bunch ;)

Is your mom classy or sassy? We got you covered! Download our exclusive Mother's Day Postcard's, and pick from a touching sentiment or a sassy one. 

Mother's Day Brunch: Virtual Style

Take something as impersonal as a "Zoom meeting" and zhuzh it up this Sunday. Send your mama bear a formal invite to join you for some good food and good company (and good drinks if that's your jam) online. Let her know that the meal will be taken care of and that all she has to do is show up to your scheduled virtual meetup. Uber Eats or Postmate her a delicious meal and get the family to participate in a "socially distanced but always together" Mother's Day. 

The Traditional "Send a Gift" Option

There are many ways to surprise mom from afar. Many families live in different states and have always had to get creative when life didn't allow them to be there in person. Sending a gift is a great way to show mom that you are thinking about her and even more so during these times. Send her flowers to brighten up her day or send her a Decocrated subscription and brighten up her home ;)  Yes, Decocrated makes an excellent gift for mom, BUT let's really think about what that means. You can gift your mom the gift of a beautifully styled home and much like shoes, we all love some good home decor. No matter what you choose, a small gesture can go a long way. 

Mother's Day Parade

If there is something that "social distancing" has taught us is that we are a creative bunch when it comes to celebrating all kinds of milestones and events. Nothing can hold us down! and thus, the car parade was born. Gather up family and friends and make the round to each other's mama’s homes. Make signs, give out flowers, and really just "bring the fun". When it comes to these parades, the more noise you can make the better, unless your mom hates that, then maybe belt out her favorite song. No matter what, this option is a great way to get some facetime without risking the health of those involved.

Nothing beats spending quality time with mom but during these unusual times, we must make lemonade with the lemons we have been handed. 

From all of us here in the Decocrated team to all of you reading this post, we would like to wish you and yours a very HAPPY (and safe) MOTHER's DAY!

Share with us below which one you are planning on doing or share with us your plans for this Mother's Day.