The sun is setting earlier, but it’s not yet time for Christmas lights. Keep spooky visitors safe with these five lighting tips.

Fall is the season of in-betweens. It’s PSL season but maybe not time for hot chocolate just yet. It’s cool but not cold yet, usually, and in many places, the leaves are still on the trees.

But before we know it, the clocks go back, and for some of us, it’s dark at 5 p.m.

If you are prepping your front yard for trick-or-treaters or just enjoying some more company (safely), here are five creative ways to brighten your surroundings and make your property safe.

#1. String lights are always in season

Maybe wait until closer to Christmas to pull out the multicolored ones, but feel free to deck out your paths with warm white or clear bulbs. String lights of all sorts are a versatile, inexpensive way to shed some light and safety along paths and fences. Just make sure they are waterproof and fastened securely to safeguard against the last of the hurricane season’s winds.

String lights come in all sizes and shapes. Have fun and mix and match, or keep your strings homogenous for a more sedated look.

#2. Motion-activated lights are multifunctional

Lights that spring into action when motion is detected on your property can protect both you and your visitors. These lights come in solar, battery-powered, and electric versions and are available at a number of price points. They are a good investment for year-round safety.

Outdoor motion-sensor lights can be mounted or hung anywhere you want to illuminate a dark area but only when necessary.

#3. Solar lights have come a long way

If you are in need of a low-cost, versatile, and almost maintenance-free way to illuminate a path or walkway, check out solar pathway lights. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles.  They’re easy to install and offer beauty and safety.

Solar-powered LED lights have become so popular that you can probably find a set to match your home’s style perfectly. They are an attractive way to provide safe lighting along a driveway, outline a front porch, and illuminate outdoor steps.

#4. Flower beds are perfect hiding spots

All sorts of fun lights can be hidden among the flowers, especially illuminated flowers! Flower lights are a colorful, different way to shed some light on your flower beds, light a path, or just add some curb appeal.

Other seasonal lighted accents to hide in the flower beds include Halloween ghosts and tombstones, lighted pumpkins and logs, and scarecrows.

#5. Lanterns add style, indoors and out

Last but by no means least, do not overlook the lantern as a stylish, trendy, yet timeless piece of décor.

Waterproof outdoor-grade lanterns can be used to line a path, light up a mailbox stand or front gate, or brighten a patio. They are typically hard-wired or solar and add a classy glow year-round. If you are looking for a more permanent lighting solution with some character, lanterns may be for you.

Even lanterns that aren’t suited for full-time outdoor use can add beauty and light to a covered porch or entryway. They can also be used occasionally to light up a path for visitors, weather permitting.

Place some lanterns on your trick-or-treat table for your Halloween visitors. Mix and match several lanterns with flickering LED candles (much safer and lower maintenance than live flames!) for the centerpiece of a stunning seasonal tablescape.

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