First off, happy fall y’all! I hope everyone’s season is filled with many pumpkin spice lattes, lots of thanks, and little amounts of stress in regards to back-to-school. I’m halfway through the third week of my second year of college, and I’m already feeling “senioritis.” Surprising? No. Disappointing? Yes.  

However, the one thing that always makes me happy is coming back to my apartment and decorating! In today’s blog, I will be tackling the very controversial topic of desk organization that will not only keep your space practical but stylish as well, because just like any table décor, desks need love too! 

The first thing you’ll need is a desk – duh. No, but in all seriousness, the physical desk is probably the most important thing. It needs to match the aesthetic of your office/bedroom/playroom, wherever you decide to do most of your work. Once you lay the groundwork, the fun part begins.  

I like to have my desk flat up against a wall to use the wall in front of it as more space to decorate. The wall behind my desk has two wall grids that I use to hang any pictures: the art print from my Fall 2020 Box, my class schedule, important documents, and more. This is a great way to maximize the space available to you by having less stuff lying on top of your desk surface. To elevate that wall, even more, try hanging your new small moon mirror from the Fall 2021 Box for extra spice and practicality, because who doesn’t love looking at themselves while they work?  

Next, let’s tackle the desk surface. My favorite desk décor item is a simple white lamp that includes five compartments for pens, pencils, highlighters, paperclips, etc. It also has two built-in USB ports for charging laptops, phones, and tablets. This is great for desks in locations where outlets aren’t easily accessed. Also, a simple, beautiful, and practical statement piece for your desk could be the table clock from your Summer 2021 Box. You can also decorate with the colorful wood beads from the Fall 2021 Box to add some fall flavor! I love having a candle on while I work, so my desk also includes a new fall-scented candle every week. Think about using the shorter wood candle holder from the Fall 2021 Box to store your candle if your desk surface still has space! 

It is important to keep your desk clear of any paperwork mess, so there is space for a laptop or desktop. You know what they say: in no mess is there productivity. Okay, maybe no one says that – but they should!  

For this reason, that desk drawer is essential. If your desk doesn’t come with one or two drawers, think about investing in a cabinet with multiple drawers that can be tucked neatly under the desk. Drawers help store paperwork, staple refills, extra copy paper, and much more. 

As you can see, my take on desk organization is a minimalist one, but I know of people who work best when everything is all over the place. If that’s you, continue to do you! This article is just to give you some inspiration this fall when you go to decorate your lovely desk.

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Until next time!