Hey Y'all, it’s Samantha from @thepinkenvelope! Today I want to chat about how to get the most out of each of your Decocrated boxes. Even though each quarter’s box is designed for you to decorate for that season, Decocrated’s home decor pieces can live well past just one season. Keep scrolling to see how you can get more bang for your decorating buck each season!

If you are new around here, I am known as the Mantle Girl. When I receive my Decocrated box, the first thing I do is decorate my fireplace mantle. Know that your box can be used anywhere in your home, but since I’m the Mantle Girl I will be sharing photos of my mantle to show you how I mix all my pieces from 2019 to today! 

First, Decocrated is the BEST when it comes to giving an item or two designed to go well beyond the one season.  Take the Decocrated Spring 2019 box below (below left). I use the Lattice Crate year-round to decorate with, and the Messy Bun & Getting Stuff Done sign hangs in my office year-round ‘cause #realtalk.  From the Decocrated Summer 2019 box (below right), I leave the green lantern up most of the year, rotating flowers and candles inside. The Rise and Grind sign hangs above my coffee maker year-round.  And you don’t have to be overly creative to get how these pieces can be used repeatedly.


Second, they always give an item or two that provides multiple looks - like the front and back art pieces or the front and back pillows. This is purposeful, and Decocrated spends a lot of time in design doing this for us. I love this because you can keep one side showing for about a month or so, then flip it over and use the other side. It will make you feel like you got something new!  Remember the Messy Bun sign; the back says, “Today I will be strong, brave, kind and unstoppable. Today I will be fierce.

In the photo below are the Decocrated Summer 2020 Summer Pillows that are yellow print on one side and burlap on the other.  


An art print comes with every single box, and it is always double-sided.  I save these from each season so that I can display them the following year. Shown here is the Decocrated Winter 2020 art printable; you can see that both sides are so cute!  

Third, Decocrated has an entire group dedicated to hacking your Decocrated pieces called #decohacks. Yes, you read that, right!  Hop on over to https://www.facebook.com/groups/DecoHacks and hang out with over 4000 brilliant minds who take their pieces from their Decocrated boxes and turn them into something new!  

When I first get my box, I don’t want to hack anything. I’m just so excited to have everything; however, I’m more open to changing things up after a couple of months. This group makes getting the most from our Decocrated subscription easy! The bag shown here (below left) is from the Decocrated Spring 2020 box.  It’s a super cute bag; however, Crystal Myers took this to the next level with her Burlap Shopping bag hack.  The full how-to is on the group wall so that anyone can now do this. The photo on the right is by Crystal of the fantastic wall piece she created! 

Fourth, the more boxes you get, the more you can do!  I not only mix pieces from other boxes, but I also stack the previous year’s boxes together. My 2019 mantles look so empty compared to the 2020 ones. What is 2021 going to look like?!?!

Summer 2019 & Spring 2020 

Valentines 2019 & Valentines 2020

Winter 2019 & Winter 2020  

Fifth, the Decocrated online store makes adding new pieces to your existing box items easy peasy. The Decocrated store is exclusive to members only, and all the prices are very reasonable. This last Summer, I wanted to create a chic look that was not based on any holidays, so I hopped on the Decocrated Shop and found a set of metal baskets.  When I got them, they were even better than I thought and fit perfectly into this mid-summer look.

I used one of the metal baskets to hold our blankets at the base of the fireplace. I added the Decocrated Summer 2020 Gold Geo Planter and the DecoCrated Summer 2020 Natural Wood Mirror in this design.

I then took the 2nd basket and added it to the corner of the DecoCrated Summer 2020 Box Striped Floor mat to hold all our shoes.

Lastly, use the Decocrated Marketplace!  You can join this group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/DecocratedMarketplace, and it is the place to buy, sell, and trade your Decocrated items. Get something in a box you don’t want?  Sell it here. Fall in love with something in your box and want more? Buy it here. This group has over 5,000 Decocrators in it, and it is the perfect way to make sure that you do not store things you don’t love.  Because nobody has time for clutter, get it out. But this group also allows you to find more of those cherished pieces. Perhaps you just joined DecoCrated, and you want an item from a past box. You would go here to buy it!

And just in case, here are a few fun photos of Decocrated pieces other places than my fireplace mantle. This is my laundry and mudroom and it has Decocrated Summer 2019, Decocrated Summer 2020, Decocrated Winter 2020, and Decocrated Spring 2020 all in it!

Here’s the Decocrated Summer 2020 two-tiered tray gracing my kitchen.

And if you read the article I wrote about Revamping Your Work From Home Space, you already know I have Decocrated all in my home office!


I hope that you found this article helpful to find ways to get the most out of each of your Decocrated boxes.  

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