Hi everyone, Daniela here from @coldcofeemombrain. This past year was nuts, am I right? I spent a lot of time indoors (haven’t we all) and a lot of time reorganizing/ redecorating our space. My husband can’t figure out why I rearrange so much, I just like how it feels refreshed and new.  

Our lives are constantly changing and I want to keep our home functional (and cute, obvs).  Because 2020 was such a weird time, I wanted to make sure we had a relaxing nook somewhere. Creating a space with all the good vibes and cozy feels is just what we needed.  I’m a big reader and I love that I can venture to this space to get lost in a book… or two. 

I want to show you ways you can get the best ambiance for your home.  It’s fairly easy and you can obviously tweak what I’ve done to match your style and likes! 

  1. A Corner:  I tend to lean towards using a corner of a room vs an entire room.  For me personally, it’s very easy to over clutter an entire room- don’t judge me. Not only do I like my spot in a corner, I prefer it near a natural light source, specifically that morning sunshine! 
  2.  A Cozy Seat:  This is a crucial one.  You can’t have a vibe if you ain’t vibin’ so you want to find a spot that you enjoy sitting in! We have one of those giant bean bags and it’s amazing. It’s almost as if you’re being hugged as you’re laying in it.  I won’t lie, we all fall asleep on it from time to time as well.  It’s the perfect addition! 
  3. A Decorated Chair..  PILLOWS, I love pillows and I love that both pillows here are from Decocrated. The black and white striped one is from the spring box last year (absolutely love it) and this beautiful floral one is from the Spring 2021 box (also obsessed).  I also love to get a cozy blanket and drape it right over the bean bag chair.  So long to the days of neatly folding your blankets, just pinch it right in the center, or off center, and throw it on the chair, draping it onto the floor.  I don’t know why I love this look, it just feels right. 
  4. Surround Yourself with What Makes you Happy.  I love plants and books, that is what makes me happy.  To decorate this spot (and to keep my router hidden) I loaded my spot up with plants.  Not only is the air quality going to be good, your mood will be happy.  It’s been proven, plants make people happy.  I have a skinny end table in between my bean bag chair and the wall that I sit my taller plants on, to add that height.  The blue planter with the wooden legs is from the 2021 Spring box, as are the adorable white wooden “books” that says, “Collect Beautiful Moments”.  I position the plants so your eyes trail down, and make sure they’re all different heights.  On the floor, as you can see, I have used the wooden crate from Decocrated’s Fall 2020 box to hold some of my “To Be Read” books and gave my little plant some height. 
  5. Make it Functional.  On the footrest for our gigantic bean bag chair, I added a tray.  To keep my ambiance, I went with the wooden and metal tray from Decocrated’s 2019 Winter box.  It holds my current book and my cup of coffee (or whatever you’re drinking).  Functionality is important when you’re making a spot in your home to chill and find ambiance.  You want to sit and enjoy the area, getting up as little as possible. 
  6. Make it Dreamy.  I didn’t want to put candles around my plants or my books, that would not be smart.   My space has minimal table space anyhow, and my walls were bare.  So… add those fairy lights!  I love that it adds a glow to the space and at night, when my son goes to sleep, it’s so magical.  Reading a book and completely relaxing in such a cozy spot! Finding the best ambiance for your home requires you to figure out what mood you’re going for and what your spot would be utilized for.  As I had mentioned, mine is for relaxation or calming.  The best part is that as your needs change, you can switch the space up easily!  Decocrated is always sending me the most incredible, multi functional pieces.  I’ve used these pieces in a lot of different spots around my home already. 

Do you have a spot in your home that’s “your spot”?  The one that you go to often to get lost in a book or even to just relax?  If not, would you want to create a space for that?  This corner is so well used and loved in our entire family.  I want to see how you create the best ambiance for your home!  Upload on instagram and tag me (@coldcoffeemombrain), I’d love to see!