Your home is an emotional trigger. It can bring you joy, love, and happy memories. It can also be a source of stress, potential discord, and feel like a trap. Let's chat about how to avoid those negative feelings and how to fall in love with your home!

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Is your house stressing you out?

This is the most common negative feeling when it comes to our homes, but also the most overlooked. Stress can be caused by the tiniest things and build up over time. A drawer that sticks when it opens, paint peeling away in the corner, dirty baseboards, clutter, and more! All of these things add unnecessary stress!

This one is an easy fix though. Tackle one project at a time. For example:

  • When you have free time, start by choosing one thing to fix. A sticky drawer can be fixed on a weekend with a quick trip to the hardware store.
  • Dirty baseboards aren't fun to clean, but just do it, then put them on your regular cleaning schedule. I clean mine about once a month. Keeping up on them makes it easier month after month to stay on top of.
  • The easiest way to destress is to declutter! Take a trash bag, walk around your house, and just start throwing stuff away. Ask yourself if an item brings you joy, if it doesn’t then it’s time to trash it! You can also do what I did and pick one spot a day to fully declutter!
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Out with the old, in with the new!

Now that we've tackled how to minimize or eliminate those negative feelings, let's talk about how to invite new and positive ones into our space. It's one thing to not have those negative feelings, but it's another to fall absolutely and totally in love with your home! Whether you've lived there for 5 months, 5 years, or 15 years, there is always the opportunity to fall BACK in love with the space you live in.

  • Add a splash of YOU into your home decor. Do this with pictures, splashes of your favorite colors, little family heirlooms, books, quotes, etc. It's important not to follow the trends, but rather follow your heart. Is it something that makes you feel warm and invited? If so, then go with it! Those feelings promote a happy environment because you are happy, which will make the whole home feel happy!
  • Cleanse your home. Open all the windows and doors, use sage or palo santo and walk around your home pushing the bad energy out and inviting clean and clear energy in! You can also do this by lighting your favorite candle or incense. It can refresh your space and remind you of what you love. 
  • You can also get an air purifier or switch out your air filters. Having a space you can easily breathe in is not only good for your mental health but your physical health as well!
  • Try adding in a new item or decor piece that is out of your comfort zone, but also excites you! You will love looking at it and being able to style it how you want!
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Bonus ways to really LOVE your home

Okay, these might sound cheesy, but bear with me! Here are some fun ways to add a little LOVE to your home decor this season. Adding fun, whimsical love touches, and mixing up your home decor keeps things lively and interesting.

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  • Add in DIY decor that you love! Like a mini garland, or a garland to hang on your fireplace.
  • Change up your kitchen towels to warm colors like red or pink to remind you of love and warmth.
  • Try new recipes in your kitchen. Home-cooked meals give your home a warm vibe and smell. You can even try make heart-inspired food like pancakes or pizza to add in that extra touch of love.
  • Switch out your candles or air fresheners to spring scents.
  • Flowers! These can be fresh bought, or fake depending on your preference. I normally do fake flowers, but when I buy fresh I like to go to the "manager markdown" section and get cheap flowers. These won't last as long, but with a little love and arranging, they can look spectacular!
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Hello! I'm Lynsey, a wife, and mom from Northern Utah. Decorating is a newfound love of mine, thanks to Decocrated. I love finding creative ways to style my home, but I’m also super practical and like to keep it real and honest so we can set realistic expectations. You can find me on my website or on social media as @realmomtribe.