One of the most popular decorating styles right now is the modern farmhouse. This bright, light, and warm style is easy to love and easier to adapt to individual tastes. Here’s how to decorate your modern farmhouse with simple décor.

Don’t Go Overboard With Color

The key to a modern farmhouse is a subdued color palette that favors neutrals. Think white subway tile backsplashes, warm wooden exposed shelves, and black wrought iron industrial shelf supports. Then, you can add one or two muted accent colors, like eucalyptus and navy, or pale yellow and salmon pink. You don’t even have to add color at all!

Use Natural Textures

Part of what makes modern farmhouse décor so simple and homey is the use of natural fibers and textures. Wicker baskets, textured throw blankets, exposed wood, and rattan are excellent fibers to incorporate into your space. Natural fibers keep things simple and help reconnect us to our roots, both literally and figuratively.

Accent With Vintage Pieces

Too many vintage pieces in a home can start to make things feel like an episode of Antiques Roadshow. However, a few vintage or vintage-inspired elements can bring a little nostalgia for simpler times into your home. Don’t be afraid to strip off loud paints from natural wood furniture or reupholster with modern textures. Subtlety is key.

Bring Home the Countryside

Regardless of where you live, you can evoke the simple style of the countryside with accent pieces. Here are some ideas to get inspired:

  • Old milk jugs and pitchers
  • Fresh wildflowers
  • Robin’s egg textures
  • Cobblestone
  • Botanical prints
  • Lanterns

Think Bright and Warm

The key to decorating your modern farmhouse with simple décor is choosing items that open up the space and don’t block sources of natural light. The modern farmhouse uses warm wood tones and light neutrals to convey a simple message of welcome to everyone who enters.

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