I love to read. I have ever since I was a child. I have this vivid memory of my mom reading “The Box Car Children” to me at night in my room; chapter by chapter. I can remember being tucked into my bed, cozy and warm, and just letting my mind escape. That was the life!

I still love reading today, but my opportunity to sit down with a book and really let myself get lost in it is few and far between (because, kids). So when I do have a chance for some me time I make sure I have the perfect space to make the most of my time.

Master bedroom, cozy reading nook, quiet area, alone time, comfy space

I have created a cute, comfy reading nook in the corner of my bedroom. It’s quiet, convenient, and cozy and was so easy the setup. If you’re looking for the perfect space to do your reading then keep on scrolling, because below I am sharing my secrets to creating a cozy reading nook:

Find a Quite Place

Silence is essential for any good reading space (in my opinion). The quietest place in my house filled with kids is my master bedroom. My kids are not allowed in this room (well, when we remember to shut the door) unless with us. We have one of those child guards on the doorknob and they haven’t figured it out yet! My bedroom is large and had an unused corner just collecting dust; so this seemed the perfect spot for me to cuddle up with a good book.

Choose the Right Chair

Cozy chair, white chair, white pillows, egg chair, slippers, reading nook

I cannot emphasize how important it is to choose the right chair! For me, a comfortable chair that fit my style was important, so I chose a large egg chair. It goes perfectly with my bedroom decor and is spacious enough for me to sprawl out on my back or sit.


Throw pillow, comfy pillows, decorative pillows, green pillows, plaid pillows

Obviously, you’ll need some cute and comfy throw pillows for your nook. I’m using the pillow covers from the Winter 2021 and the Winter 2020 Decocrated Box here.

Cozy Throw Blankets

Cozy blanket, throw blanket, green blanket, warm blanket

What’s the key to creating a cozy reading nook?! Cozy blankets of course! I grabbed the Winter 2019 throw blanket to use for my nook :)


Lighting, good light, bright area, clip on light, table light

Be sure your space has adequate lighting to avoid squinting and headaches. My space is near a window for natural light during the day, and I have a clip-on desk lamp that I can attach to my chair for the darker hours.

Small Table

Side table, tiny table, cute table, reading table

You’ll want to have a small side table nearby to keep your books and/or drinks or snacks you enjoy while reading. This way you don’t have to continuously get up and lose your spot in your book! When you’re not using the space, keep the book stack from the Decocrated Spring 2021 Box here.

Decorative Accents

Side table, decorative books, candles, snacks, drinks, cute accents, cozy area

No space is complete without some decorative touches. I like to keep the tray from the Winter 2019 Box on my table along with the book stack, and candles.

And that’s it! You should now be prepared to get completely lost in a good book in your relaxing oasis. Enjoy!

Final cozy reading nook, Cozy area, reading space, book club, reading area

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