As an interior designer, I can tell you that lighting is essential to any room design. It should be one of the first selections you make when designing or pulling your room décor together. I have taken some before and after photos of different spaces to demonstrate just how much of an impact lighting can make in a room.

When choosing lighting for your home, you must consider the purpose of the space and how you plan to utilize it. Kitchens are multifunctioning spaces and require bright lighting. Not only do we prepare food in our kitchens but for many of us, kitchens are gathering spaces where we congregate and enjoy the company of family and friends. Nobody wants to be in a dark kitchen!

If you don’t have much natural light in your kitchen, consider adding both overhead lighting and task lighting. In this kitchen space I added under cabinet lighting. It did not require wiring, it’s a battery-operated fixture that was super easy to install.  As you can see, it turned a dark area in the kitchen into a bright space.  This fixture is also a great night-light.

If you have an awkward or ho-hum area in a room, a really great way to give it a transformation is by adding a floor lamp. This wood torchiere floor lamp complements the décor aesthetic and provides much needed brightness to this dark corner of the room. Don’t neglect those dark corners because proper lighting and proportional furnishings can easily transform them into the highlight of the room.

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, so it makes sense to focus a lot of attention on the lighting layout in these spaces. Ideally, a bedroom should have a combination of lighting options.  Ceiling lights or recessed lights which deliver ambient lighting across the entire room. Ceiling fans of course can serve a dual purpose of circulating the air and providing ambient lighting. Task lighting for setting the mood, for reading, and for the many things we do in our bedrooms.  

In this bedroom I chose to add a floor lamp which not only coordinated well with the brass bedside table, but it also has a three-way bulb which easily accomodates all the things we do in a bedroom. I intentionally chose a floor lamp, as opposed to a bedside table lamp, because it freed up so much space on the bedside table for me to add my Decocrated décor pieces!

Approach your room lighting with a plan.  Decide what your space will be used for and create a lighting layout which is conducive to your lifestyle. Room lighting should be a forethought and not an afterthought because proper lighting makes a space shine!

xoxo, Doris (Doris Roberts Interiors)

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