Pantone created an entirely new hue for their 2022 color of the year—the first time they have ever selected a color not already in their library of over 2,000 shades. Veri Peri is a bold periwinkle. It combines a shade of blue with an undertone of red, resulting in a deep lavender or purplish blue. It’s not quite blue and not purple either.

The in-between nature of the color reflects our agitated, confusing, changing times with a bold statement that is powerful yet calming. This color takes charge of the space it’s in. It can create a stunning accent wall or a sublime ceiling.

For many, an entire room of Veri Peri would be overwhelming. But never fear: Veri Peri combines beautifully with a variety of complementary colors to create a serene yet strong palette for many rooms in your home. Home decor essentials for Pantone’s color of the year 2022 can bring the shade into your living spaces without stealing the entire show. Here are some ways to use decor pieces to add this stunning color to your living room, bath, or bedroom.

Living Room

Vases in progressive shades of periwinkle, grays, or subtle mauves add character to your coffee table or shelving. A vast array of options, from bulb-shaped to modern geometrics can grace the surfaces of your living room with a hint of this year’s color.

Use throw pillows on the sofa for a touch of the color, or find a wall hanging or artwork that incorporates the shade. You can even find glassware for your dining table or bar in gentle lavender tones that echo this year’s bolder color.


Try a new peel-and-stick wallpaper in a periwinkle shade to change the tone of your bathroom. Combine it with a new set of deep purple, green, taupe, or even pink towels depending on the mood you wish to set. Lavender-scented candles or candles in blue or grey tones can complement the decor.


New pillowcases or wall art are examples of decor that can incorporate 2022’s Pantone color of the year while maintaining the peacefulness of your bedroom retreat. A bolder move would be to add a side chair upholstered in a Veri Peri matching color.


We already mentioned glassware, but table runners add color in a slightly more dramatic way. Choose from geometric or floral patterns to give your dining table a pop of color when not in use.

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