Travel without having to leave your house

When life’s challenges find a way in your home, nooks are a great solution to finding peace and relaxation. Here’s the thing about nooks: you don’t need a lot of space to make them functional and feel like a comfortable mini-retreat.

To create your own nook, do some creative digging to get inspired, and find the best possible location in your home. Don’t forget to gather your essentials and be sure to collect some decorative accents that have meaning for you. It’s that simple.

Check out more guidelines below to help you on your nook adventure: 

First: Your purpose, your rules

What do you want your retreat to be? The idea of a nook is so appealing because it can be customized to function to your needs and wants.

  • For a truly relaxing nook experience, consider having an electronic-free zone. Read actual books or do something in the space that requires no electricity at all, like knitting.

Then, cover the basics

Three things are necessary for a relaxation nook: comfortable seating, eye-friendly lighting, and something to hold your valuables. 

  • Seating: Overstuffed and reclining is lovely, but any comfortable chair, loveseat, bean bag, chaise, hammock, or even large cushions will do. 
  • Lighting: Natural light is great, if available, but should also be supplemented with a good reading lamp or wall sconce. 
  • A small table and shelves: A stable surface to hold beverages and snacks, and a place for books or crafts, like wall-mounted shelves or a small bookcase.

Reuse and recycle

Chances are, everything you need to make your own nook is already in your home. There is no need to purchase seating, tablespace, or shelving – just get creative with your existing décor.

Adding pillows and a throw can make any chair a comfortable and cozy seat. A discarded wooden chair or stool can be used as a table. A storage ottoman can do double duty as a footrest or book holder. Rustic baskets can provide additional storage.

For added flair and some privacy, repurpose a pretty sheet as a canopy. String holiday lights to mark your space. Add a throw rug in a calming color, and you’ve got the makings of your own oasis.

Accessorize, accessorize

Make your nook fun and inviting by adding decorative accents such as bookends, candles, a lantern, table-top signs, trays, low-maintenance plants in colorful pots, seasonal items. Add just the right amount of décor to give the space a personal stamp without cluttering it.

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