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Healthy Halloween Treats

Healthy Halloween Treats

Doris Roberts, October 12, 2021

It can be difficult to convince kids to eat healthy on Halloween, but you can easily change their minds with a few clever tricks and tips. I have three fun, spooky, and, most of all…tasty snack ideas to encourage your kids to eat healthy on Halloween. By the way, check out how I incorporated my Decocrated Fall 2021 box décor.
Edible ingredients:
▪ Peanut butter or honey for dipping
▪ Pretzels
▪ Carrots
▪ Parsley
▪ Popcorn
▪ Clementine oranges or navel oranges
Non-edible items:
▪ Clear plastic gloves
▪ Spook plastic rings (spiders, bats, skulls)
▪ Witches hats attached to a wooden stick or plastic skewer

1. Oranges Decorated as Jack-O-Lanterns:

-Peel the orange

-Gently place a sprig of parsley into the top to make it look like a mini pumpkin.


2. Pretzel Witch Broomsticks:

First you are going to take a large pretzel stick and poke a small hole in one end.

Next you stick a witch hat (found at the dollar store) into the hole.

Lastly, dip the witch’s broomstick into some peanut butter or honey for dipping.

3. Popcorn Hands:

-Take a clear plastic glove.

-Place sliced carrots in the fingertips.

- Then stuff the glove with popcorn.

- Add spooky plastic rings to the fingers.

Have a talk with your kids about eating those sweet treats in moderation. Dress up those healthy snacks with a Halloween theme and let your kids, party guests, and little trick-or-treaters have at it!  

Feel free to share your healthy Halloween snack ideas with us!

xoxo, Doris Roberts (Doris Roberts Interiors)

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