It can be difficult to convince kids to eat healthy on Halloween, but you can easily change their minds with a few clever tricks and tips. I have three fun, spooky, and, most of all…tasty snack ideas to encourage your kids to eat healthy on Halloween. By the way, check out how I incorporated my Decocrated Fall 2021 box décor.
Edible ingredients:
▪ Peanut butter or honey for dipping
▪ Pretzels
▪ Carrots
▪ Parsley
▪ Popcorn
▪ Clementine oranges or navel oranges
Non-edible items:
▪ Clear plastic gloves
▪ Spook plastic rings (spiders, bats, skulls)
▪ Witches hats attached to a wooden stick or plastic skewer

1. Oranges Decorated as Jack-O-Lanterns:

-Peel the orange

-Gently place a sprig of parsley into the top to make it look like a mini pumpkin.


2. Pretzel Witch Broomsticks:

First you are going to take a large pretzel stick and poke a small hole in one end.

Next you stick a witch hat (found at the dollar store) into the hole.

Lastly, dip the witch’s broomstick into some peanut butter or honey for dipping.

3. Popcorn Hands:

-Take a clear plastic glove.

-Place sliced carrots in the fingertips.

- Then stuff the glove with popcorn.

- Add spooky plastic rings to the fingers.

Have a talk with your kids about eating those sweet treats in moderation. Dress up those healthy snacks with a Halloween theme and let your kids, party guests, and little trick-or-treaters have at it!  

Feel free to share your healthy Halloween snack ideas with us!

xoxo, Doris Roberts (Doris Roberts Interiors)

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