Hello Decocrated family! It’s Daniela, back again, from over at Cold Coffee Mom Brain (on Instagram @coldcoffeemombrain), and I just want to say that I am SO excited that fall is almost here!  The weather may not be with it, but my house is (yes, I have already begun decorating- I am weak this year & not sorry). 

One big reason I love fall so much is because it’s a cozy season.  I love the crisp smell of the air outside, the cardigans that are so big, the breeze- it’s comforting!  With comfort, I find myself wanting to just eat and wrap myself in something warm (haha) so here are some healthy habits you can pick up this fall to keep yourself feeling good and your cup filled as the pumpkins come out to play! 


Be sure to move your body!  If you’re like me, in these cozy months coming up, we tend to stay snuggled up under thick blankets while the fire is going (which I definitely recommend) but make sure you’re keeping your mind and body going, too! 

My favorite walks are in the fall.  Taking that breath of fresh, crispy air outside and the light breeze… dreamy. We have also set up a spot in the garage with some lifting equipment, and I love going on runs in the mornings. 

You don’t have to do something so intense if you’re not up for it, remember that!  Sometimes a nice family bike ride is just as good. Get that fresh air and keep active! 

For me, it helps my day roll smoothly, and my son loves that we get time together outdoors! 

Learn Something New 

Learning something new is so good for your mind.  I love finding a new hobby that I enjoy (I have quite a few hobbies, but it’s who I am).  I love that it helps my brain work, and I end up learning to be patient with myself through the process.  

This summer, I learned to roller skate and do some really cool tricks!  It was eye-opening to me that some days you’re on top of it and doing amazing, but another day you may be imbalanced like a baby deer. 

Progress isn’t linear; learning something new isn’t either. 


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, so please consult with a physician before taking anything. 

Cloudy days are ahead, and while that feels good, the holidays can be tough and dark for some.  With my physician’s help, I began taking vitamins to maintain my mental health and give my body what it needs each day.  

Personally, I love the results I’m seeing. I pair it with staying active through the day and getting my workouts in.  It’s been a true game-changer for my mental health. 

I don’t always consume what I need to help my body feel good and function properly, so these vitamins really give me what I need!


Find time to keep yourself hydrated, especially if you’re spending time outdoors often! 

My trick?  Find yourself a tumbler/ bottle/ cup that you love and carry it around with you everywhere.  There are so many different types of bottles these days.  Find one that makes you happy, and keep that bad boy filled with water all day!

Find Quiet Time 

I’m a mom, I’m often left to fend for myself, my son, and two dogs while my husband deploys for half of the year at a time, so I can understand not feeling like you have enough time for yourself, but it really important.  You may be a wife, mom, stepmom- whatever, but you were someone before all of that, too.  Your life shouldn’t feel like it’s come to a complete stop just because you’ve got other responsibilities! 

I have many hobbies, but some of my quiet time activities include knitting, reading, or gaming.  We are on a pretty good routine right now, and I know adding another someday will shift that, but I’ve made sure to let my son know that “mommy’s quiet time is really important to her.” Sometimes he joins me and grabs one of his books!  Sometimes, he ends up falling asleep because I’m not running around the house like a crazy woman.

Fall is on its way (hopefully, the weather gets the memo soon)!  I hope this gave you guys some ways that you can keep yourself taken care of this fall (and through the years).  Taking care of yourself is so important, especially now.  Balance is key! 

If you try any of these and end up loving it, make sure you tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see (@coldcoffeemombrain)! 

Enjoy the things you love and have a fantastic end of summer!