Bring on the cozy mood with soothing natural tones

Earth tones are in as if they were ever out, and their calming properties are in high demand. So if you've been waiting for the right moment to change your home's color scheme we've got some friendly guidelines for you.

It turns out, mother nature is a talented decorator.

Keep it natural

This might seem obvious when decorating with earth tones but be sure to take cues from nature. One way to go about doing this is to collect actual pieces from nature and find paint and textiles to match.

Pro tip: look for colors of slate, driftwood, bark, and certain plants and vegetables. You'd also be surprised how much Pinterest can inspire you to find these items.

Spread the warmth

If your mind immediately thinks of the color brown when you hear "earth tones", you're not alone. It's a good starting point but there are many shades of brown so it's best to get familiar with the exact shade you want.

If you gravitate towards warm earth tones, you'll also take notice of the golden undertones they employ. These undertones actually help create a cozier atmosphere in your home.

But earth tones can be cool, too

If you're someone who enjoys the softness of cooler earth tones, don't worry. These shades provide a more elegant tone to your home.

Cooler earth tones fit best within backdrops say, a cool gray or taupe wall. Their neutrality is the perfect blank canvas for a more colorful focal point like art.

Let's also not forget about your floors. Slate and stone-colored floor treatments are perfect for minimalist homes and work well with brighter walls.

Get rustic with accessories

Don’t forget: Earth-toned walls, floors, and accessories are meant to be paired with rustic accessories. Complement your earth tones with pieces that continue the natural theme:

  • Seasonal plants and greenery in twine-wrapped vases and planters
  • Rustic wood shelves
  • Thickly textured throws in soothing shades of deep brown or green
  • Table linens and pillow coverings in warm, rich colors and interesting textures
  • A rough-hewn mantle over a stone fireplace
  • Jute or other natural-fiber area rugs
  • Wooden crates, of course
  • Art in earth tones or nature-themed photography, in dark wood frames

Strike a balance

If you're like most, muted tones can make your space very bland. Be sure to keep the earth tones in moderation and mix warm with cold for the best overall effect.

Texture is an excellent way to add interest. With a muted background, texture and patterns can be bold and not overwhelm the space.

The fun lies in the mixing and matching of different elements.

Add in a little at a time

To inject some warm earthiness into your living space, you do not have to take an all-or-nothing approach. Start with a little: an accent wall here, maybe a new earth-toned area rug to warm up a cold tile floor, or richly toned window treatments to soften a stark white wall.

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