After buying our first home, I began to narrow down what type of home decor style I wanted. Our home is not large by any means. So I knew I wanted my decor to be functional. Functional home decor pieces are versatile. I’m able to change up the pieces to serve a different purpose as needed. Multi-functional decor pieces are ideal if you’re short on space, like renting an apartment or living in a smaller home. They allow more flexibility in decorating decisions.

Benefits of Versatile Decor

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If you’re anything like me, I am guilty of changing my home decor up frequently. That can get expensive if you have to go out and buy decor. When you have functional decor pieces it’s much easier to modify what you already have to achieve a different decor style. Cost-effectiveness is a big benefit. Another great way to save time and money is signing up for the Decocrated home decor subscription box. I don’t have to wander the aisles of stores looking for home decor pieces. Decocrated comes to my doorstep every season! What I love about Decocrated are the functional pieces that are included within their boxes. Perfect examples of this which are included in the Summer 2022 box are the wooden caddy and the wooden shelf.

The Wooden Caddy

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The wooden caddy in this season's box is a great decor piece that can be used in different functions around your home. Some of my favorite uses for this are birthday parties, grilling out, kitchen, my office to organize pens/pencils, and organizing my children’s art supplies. I like the wooden feature because it’s a neutral color that can be used in a variety of home decor styles. The rope handles are great for carrying. Since my children have a lot of art supplies, right now we use them the most for organizing their markers, crayons, colored pencils, and paintbrushes. The bottom compartment is great to hold small notebooks or stationary. 

Coloring supplies, coloring book, coloring supplies in a caddy

The Wooden Shelf

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The one thing I have a lot of in my home is shelves. I love using shelves to add decor to and it adds a rustic feel that warms up the space. It’s also a great contrast to my neutral gray walls.  Shelves are great because they can be used for different functions. I currently have shelves in my bathroom, coffee bar, and living room. I enjoy styling shelves because you are able to have a variety of different decor pieces depending on where the shelves are in your home. The Decocrated Summer box came with a beautiful wooden shelf with a metal hanging bar. It goes perfectly with my decor style. I added this shelf to my office space. The wooden shelf is a great size to put near my desk to hold office supplies. I also have enough room on the shelf to add in a small plant, also from the Summer box. 

If you are looking for multi-functional home decor pieces then look no further! The Decorated home decor box has versatile home decor at a great price. Not to mention the time you are saving by having it delivered right to your home. You can choose between two different subscription options: the quarterly or annual subscription. It doesn’t matter what your style maybe when it comes to decorating your home. Decocrated has something for everyone. In today’s time, it’s easier than ever to decorate your home and get back to what we all enjoy, spending time with our loved ones and friends. So sit back and let the decor come to you!

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